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My new stoof, from the art to the stories and whatnot.




Military Ships: 180 Ships

Ship types:

Scout, sensor and frigate ships: 25 Scout, 25 Sensory and 55 Frigate Ships
Destroyers: 25 Ships, each with invidual names
Cruisers: 15 Ships, each with their own names
Battleships: 15 Ships, each named invidually
Carriers: 10 Ships, each having their own name

Non military ships: 140 Ships in total

Ship types:

Armed transports: 50 Ships in total, divided among escorts
Mining ships: 30 Ships
Civilian Ships: 60 Ships

Mothership: The Drukahn, named after the great mountain upon Shaltahn
Colonization ships: 10 Artikade-Colony Ships


Stations: 6 Orbital stations
Batteries: 20 HV (High Volicity) Kriltek Mobile stations
Etc: 5 Sensory satellites and 5 Oribtal Anti-Invasion Drones
Lorkaine Brotherhood Flag by DeathianDragonFear
Lorkaine Brotherhood Flag
First pixel art, my right hand is so unsteady so forgive any uglyness, I am terrible with precision.

This is for the Lorkaine Brotherhood Nation for the Imperial Sin group RP, its simple, just the way I like it.
Name: Lorkaine Brotherhood

Age/Date of founding: 2102 years ago.

Government type: The Lorkaine's are led by a royal family that has been the most successful and most helpful to their society and well being, they also have a democracy system in conjuction with the monarchy, acting as a council to assist in the aidings of the public so the Emperor and/or Empress is well informed about the troubles and well being of their fellow people, the trust they share is of the utmost importance to sustain a thriving community.

History: The history of the Brotherhood is largely unknown to outsiders, they keep to themselves but thrive as they are, trading with the outer systems, securing a better future for their people for the better, they are peaceful if left to their own devices and respected for their beliefs, they do love to speak of great hero's of late within their time, of either strife and chaos or peace and harmony.

Culture type: The Lorkaine's have a strong morale code for family trust and safety, the peace of their people's community and the trust in allies. They focus on trust, fairness and make sure all in their presence are treated with respect and as equal with no differences. Their education is mandatory due to the wish of keeping their future a bright one and not wanting to cause disfunction about their society.

Language(s): Elvish, Terran, Ancient Elvish (Written for encryptions).

Style(s): They have their own style of armors and weapons, melee resmbling the Japanese Samurai's, guns inspired by Russian and German engineering but heavily futuristic along with energy and ballistic weapons in effect, buildings are inspired by the Chinese but with their own touches to it.

Religion(s): They believe in one, singular divine entity, their creator, the name they gave their creator, Asoldiz and thus the one that gave them the lands brought by the beautiful and sometimes cruel mistress they know as Natuurai, translated to Grass Mother in common tongue.

Notable technologies and assets:

P.B.T: An abbreviation for Psyonic Bridge Technology, this fascinating piece is installed in many of their works, including computers, pilot cockpits, specific virtual entertainment systems and other devices that may use the mind of the user.

They use mostly ballistic and energy based weapons, gauss accelerated rifles, high explosive missiles and armor piercing bullets for effective yet quick killing combat.

FTL drives are implimented in all of their ships, they have varients of different sizes of their ships, from fighters to cruisers to command ships, the limit to the FTL drives is to transport ships from system to system to quickly pass through the void between them.

They have access to an interesting identification system to prevent fraud or identity theft, using the biometrics of the user and the knowledge of knowing if they live or not using a registry system that everyone goes through when they reach the age of 8 years, it has been used only by the safekeepers of the medical doctrine of their specie for they have the right to assign birth certificates and biometric signs.

Their spec-op units and infiltrator's have access to a high tech camouflage cloaking system, it is attached to a device the user wears upon their left arm or has it attached to a rear panel upon their armor protected by a plate of armor matching the rest so the enemy does not know of its weakpoint, the way they would activate it is either using wrist-mounted control panel on their left arm or by using a detachable device which has a more limited battery life but may be long enough to get out of dangerous sitations, the cloaking device can last for five to ten minutes depending on the type of the device and to what it is attached to.

Strengths: Strong synchronized military when in control of land battle, excellent psychic apptitude, strong education, both learning and even basic militaristic, very strong security against sabotage due to keen awareness from all surrounding Lorkaine's, strong engineering quality and troop management, very protective and familial, allies are treated as equals and they can keep relations at best with their best charismatic minds.

Weaknesses: Poor magic users, due to strict morale codes they are selective of who they will trust, they may sometimes become cautious and mind read those that are weak willed, their plasmatic use requires a timed charge to use again lest they suffer from headaches and possible causes of becoming induced into a coma, they lack magic shielding for their weapons and armor, including ships, their numbers within the nation aren't that high as of current, so they have less military units than may be necessary.

Economy type/style: Mixed Economical system, marketing is freely explored for qualified merchants and traders, their currency is nationwide and everything is justly priced, they will however trade other materials if others do not support their own system.

Currency: Credit chits, both physical and virtual versions exist.

Home planet: Shaltahn.

Capital: Aloisis City, The City of Prosperity.

Current leader: Empress Shaya Thalsire, of the Thalsire family.
The Lorkaine Brotherhood Nation Data
Required Nation sheet for the Imperial Sin group RP.
Name: Lorkaine Elves

Temperature, Athmosphere+Environment preferences: Average to cool temperature's prefered, garden and dry planets are suitable, mainly oxygen atmosphere for inhabited worlds.

Type: Elven, Advanced

Notable biological and physical traits: Their bodies are humanoid by shape, their ears are slightly longer than other Elves and are curved back slightly, their eyes may switch to several colours to match a mood or state:

No change = Normal state
Odd jagged pupils and green irises = Sick/Ill
Crimson/Red = Aroused
Purple/Violet = Angry/Enraged/Disgusted
Jagged pupils and paling of their natural colour = Blind/Impaired vision

Their immune system is slightly higher than that of their High Elven bretheren, they have had few diseases of their region to be life threatening, especially brain or eye related infections and other dangers. They reproduce at a steady rate, within 100 years, a single couple may have from 1-6, maybe maximum of 8 children depending on their desire for a larger family or for the sake of repopulation if there is a severe enough need. They have as many organs as a typical Elf, except they have an additional organ attached to the top of their spine and within, located at the nape of their neck, it is mainly used to the usage of their plasmatics, the ability to create gravitational fields to be able to manipulate the enviromental gravity around them, however it is very limited in range and the power depends on the age of the user, whether they have additional enhancements through possibly cybernetic upgrades or surgically improved for military use for those willing. They usually prefer their planets to be lush with fields and even plains, they do not mind desert lands so long as the heat does not exceed the level that threatens their body temperature, they mostly prefer oxygen strong areas but can breath in carbon dioxide if thin enough in the atmosphere.

The generic appearance of a male Lorkaine is as detailed, they stand around the height average of around from 5 foot 10 inches, 1.77 meters, to the recorded max height of 7 foot, 2.13 meters tall. The common skin tone is a soft golden hue upon the skin pigment, the average body build is masculine and has average detail and definition of muscles, they are obviously more bulky in muscle depth, their facial structure is masculine, wider jaw, cheekbones and more pronounced eyebrow depth. As for females, they stand from 4 foot 10 inches, 1.47 meters to 6 foot, 1.82 meters tall. Their facial structure is strongly feminine, thinner jawline, lifted cheekbones and slightly more rotated eyes. Their bust size ranges from B-cup to DD-cup if they have had children or are just gifted with a more curvier figure. Their body figure is strongly feminine, with wider hips, thinner waists and their muscle definition and detail is not as high as the males however they are free to do what they please with their own bodies. Their ears are long, pointed and slightly curved back further to the back of their heads than other Elven species, their eyes have an amazing feature linking their psychic and sensory senses to enable a aura vision 'mode', this allows them to see the 'aura' of any around them, it has a limited range of around 40 meters, 150 feet maximum for their best psychically trained units, like psi-ops or Commander Psyker's.

Perks: The Lorkaine are psychically adept and have the ease of access to increase potential with usage by taking part in various classes, whether military, civil or even spec-op's if they are lucky enough to advance that far.

Strengths: The Lorkaine specie as a whole is widely known for their rather well structured populace, their synchronization of military units, when engrouped they are unbreakable and morale is solid as ever. They have high IQ's spanning from the ranges of 250 to the highest known peak of 348, the entire specie is psychically born and may learn how to further develope their skills freely at their choice, though it is a mandatory task considering their society makes good use of the ability. They are marvel engineer's with structures, buildings and whatever else they build due to their keen sense and knowledge of how things work. Their advancement of ages and evolution has rather taken care of their previous Elvish fragility, they are stronger and more physically able than their cousins.

Weaknesses: Lorkaine's have the unfortunate 'gift' of being unable to lie as they have a rather strict morale code to follow in social terms, they are not as keen to work with others as their cousin species are and are somewhat cautious about most species except others that may understand them or have some similarities towards them. Magic, or Aurum as it is known in their own tongue, for them is almost non-existent and they have less resistance towards it due to lack of use and adaption upon their own worlds. They do not do so well in extreme weather temperatures and may suffer physical damage without the proper protection, if they overuse their aura vision or psychic pressure, they can cause severe damage to eyes and brain, even causing death, coma inducement or permenant or if lucky, temperary blindness.

Life span: Approximately 1200-1500 years

Extra: N/A
The Lorkaine Elves Data
Required data of my specie for the Imperial Sin group RP.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Name: Jasmin 'Matriarch' Herrman (Real name is unknown to any who is not close to her)

Other Names/Titles: May, Matria

Age: 20 years old, born June 5th

Gender: Female

Race: Canine, White Wolf

Occupation: Hunter/Engineer

Origin: Unknown, born somewhere in Italy

Sexuality: Unexplored

Family: None to speak of

Personality: Matriarch is a strong minded woman of her age, she can back up her strength with her impressive physical demeanor, she takes no crap from anyone who dares to slander or mock her, she proudly holds her namesake like a birth given gift, she can be a little rough with her hands but overall she can be gentle as well, that all depends on her mood of present, she can go from happy to pissed quickly. She is also seeking companionship, something she has longed for quite some time, she also has a liking for tattoes, having quite a few herself.

Appearance: Matriarch stands at an impressive height for her age of 6 foot tall, covered in soft yet thin snow white fur from head to toe and not a patch of any other colour can be seen. Her body tone is a strong and well kept and well trained set of muscles, especially her belly, arms and legs, she has earned these muscles from years of self training. Upon her chest rest two beautifully yet surprisingly large DD cup breasts, firm yet squishy if the grasp is right, at the centre of these eye catching globes are her nipples which are coloured black, perky when aroused indeed, being around 0.6 inches when erect, they are also pierced by two small silver hoops, one for each. Her arms are strong and obvious with muscle, they are marked with only months old variety of tattoes covering them from shoulder to wrist. Her belly is tonned but only if seen through her fur, she also has a rather artistic tattoo marking her belly and to her stomach, her left breast has a heart tattoo upon it and her right has a rather colourful butterfly tattoo, her waist is narrow, but her curve-teasing hips are voluptuous wide, motherly width even despite her age, made to bear as many pups as her womb can handle and her black, dainty virgin nethers rest between them, her curvaceous and jiggly butt squeezable and her meaty yet soft thighs such an irresistable sight. Above her bubbly, bouncy tush flows her fluffy white tail that has a black paintbrush marking at the ends of her tail. Her face is that of a young wolf, the muzzle is outward and matches a wolves, even the cute black button nose at the end, her tongue has a silver stud piercing as well as a silver hoop on the left side of her lower lip, her eyes are rather oddly two different colours instead of one, they are glistening yet beautiful icey blue for her right and an emerald green for her left, which really stand out from her other features, she also has a tattoo upon her neck, mainly along the sides and upon the nape of her neck, wings along with a sword in front, this is supposed to mean justice. Atop her head rest two canine ears, both pierced by a set of two silver rings, they part her beautifully long silver white with black ends hair flowing down to her mid back, of which has a short fringe going from the top of her hair down passed he left eye, hiding it and ending just below her cheek. Upon her back, she has a rather beautiful vibrant butterfly-esque tattoe with her namesake marking between her shoulder blades and lowering all the way down past her butt to her mid-rear thighs.

Clothing/Armor: She usually wears a simple white slightly torn at the ends half tank top which falls to above her belly revealing it with a denium short sleeved waistcoat, a pair of fingerless leather black gloves, a black knee length skirt which is loose and is held up by a black metallic belt having a exotic buckle design upon it and either wears black stockings or full length tights with a fishnet pattern along with leather boots with steel toe caps upon them.

She usually wears a long leather armored coat that falls to her shins and a few arm and knee pads of leather for protection if she is going out in more dangerous areas of course.

Carried Items and Weapons: She carries a .44 magnum revolver that she customized herself, adding damaging increasing modifications and a scope with her name etched onto it, she also carries a tanto knife which has her name etched onto the blade, she carries a wrist band with spikes upon it and a black leather collar.

Biography: Growing up as a child she lived a rather decent and quiet life with her parents and a elder brother, this went all south when her family were executed before her very eyes by her own brother for he claimed she was next. She escaped his wrath at just age 10, learning to forage and live off the wild for another 6 years until she was found and kidnapped by a powerful and infamous gang member leader named, Murdoc. He gave her an ultimatum, be raped and forever be used as a sex slave or fight to the death to earn her freedom, she chose the latter and somehow, someway, she won her freedom and killed the leaders of the gang while they slept with a tanto knife she carries still today. Now at 20 years old, she resides within a town of Italy, her desire is to earn a companion she can live a life with, but for that to happen she no doubt has to earn their trust and impress them if they are so inclined to want to be.

Extra: During an intimate moment, she does not mind being bitten, spanked or talked dirty to, she would gladly return the rough yet playful little bites and spanks if allowed, she is not experienced as of yet but she will gladly please her partner, whether with hands, mouth or breasts.
Jasmin 'Matriarch' Herrman's Profile
Matriarch as she is known within the post apocalyptic world I have her originally based within, but she can fit in other era's, so long as she can keep her tattooes and piercings.


DeathianDragonFear's Profile Picture
Kaden Howland
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I am Dragon or Zeraht as I prefer, aka Kaden, half Irish (my father's side), half polish (my mother's side) and a bit of british as well.

I love to read and write, I do both when I have time, art I love, no matter the form, also I think I like furry art more than any other, I just like how cute fluffy things can be.

Current Residence: Mythzarah, Plane of Souls

Favourite genre(s) of music: Industrial, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, anything that makes a *THUMP*

Favourite style of art: Anime/Anthro

Operating System: Windows Vista, Home Edition

MP3 player of choice: My PSP... I think.

Personal Quote: By the Blades of Arzu

Favourite game quote: Excuse me, have you got the time, to get stuffed? Fable 3, annoying Gnome's

My Skype name: Dragonoffear/Silver Trigger

My steam user -> Sparrow
I do change my steam name now and then just to let others know ahead of time ^^;…
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My list of profiles and things for a game project with a friend and some of my preferred stoof to share and have quick access to, the ones I've done (yay) and the ones I need to do (grr):



Chained Lives -> Chained Lives
Heresy -> Heresy
Joyous Note -> A Joyous Note
My Sorrow -> My Sorrow
Reality Or Lies -> Reality or Lies
Siren of Voices -> Siren of Voices
Winter's Grasp -> Winters Grasp

People of importance or OC's:

Alexander John Thomas Voss -> Alexander John Thomas Voss
Aria Tymir -> Zeraht Aria's Profile
Anya Miranda Silverstone -> Anya Miranda Silverstone's Profile
Aranya -> Aranya, the Mother profile
Aries -> Ares' Profile
Arzu the Corrupted -> Arzu Rhaziatkah's Profile
Ilu Hi'Dru -> Ilu Hi'Dru's Profile
Hera -> Hera's Profile
Kade the Plasmatic convict -> Kade's Profile
Lasila -> Lasila's Profile
Natia -> Natia's Profile
Natalya Sofia Dragunov -> Natalya Dragunov's Profile
Nightsong Arun'Shallok -> Nightsong Arun'Shallok's Profile
Rahnia -> Rahnia, Light one of Wind and Lightning
Rasmus -> Rasmus' Profile
Raven -> Raven's Profile
Ryth -> Ryth's Profile
Sylvee Kahlan Ja-Stromzen -> Sylvee Kahlan Ja-Stromzen
Sorith/Sora -> Sorith/Sora's Profile
Thane the High Acranyte -> Thane's Profile
Viktor Alexandrov -> Viktor Alexandrov's profile
Willow Grith Varikine -> Willow Grith Varikine's Profile

A.M.F Allies:

Sapphirya the First -> Sapphriya the First's Profile
Sariphya -> Sariphya's Profile
Taliah Eluvarith -> Taliah Eluvarith's Profile

A.M.F Personel:

Brod Vorzen Kir-Sul -> Brod Vorzen Kir-Sul's Profile
Casey Voss -> Casey Voss' Profile
Catherine Voss -> Catherine Karla Natalya Voss' Profile
Idana Novaheim -> Idana Kasiva Novaheim's Profile
Ingrid Ross ->Ingrid Ross' Profile
Izres Keladius -> Izres Keladius' Profile
Jack 'Snipe' Voss -> Jack 'Snipe' Voss' Profile
Kaden 'Hunter' Voss (Human form) -> Kaden Voss' Profile 'Past'
Kaden 'Hunter Voss (Halcyon Paladin) -> Kaden Voss-Halcyon Paladin
Kara Nosa Vesu Ernasia -> Kara Nosa Vesu Ernasia's Profile
Kiras Vorzen Kir-Sul -> Kiras Vorzen Kir-Sul's Profile
Kroz Vol'Terrok -> Kroz Vol'Terrok's Profile
Liam 'Munky' Scott -> Liam 'Munky' Scott's Profile
Linya Winsulver -> Linya Winsulver's Profile
Riza Eren'thulia -> Riza Erin'thulia's Profile
Sarus Vaterius -> Sarus Vaterius' Profile
Syl Natalie Voss -> Syl Natalie Voss' Profile
Syra Moon Anarria -> Syra Moon Anarria's Profile
Talviah Ruarnis -> Talviah Ruarnis' Profile
Thena Sulios -> Thena Sulios' Profile
Zervia -> Zervia's Profile

Information, factions and info of importance:

A.M.F (Alliance of Military Forces) -> Alliance of Military Forces
Silent Sisters Info -> Silent Sisters
Silra Watchers Info -> Silra Watchers Information
The Catalyst Prison -> The Catalyst Prison History


Aposocrytes (description inside Thane's profile)
Dark Irathyte Race (description inside Arzu's profile)
Draken (description inside Thena Sulios' profile)
Hykath Rankings and Race description -> Hykath Ranking Descriptions
Irathyte Race (description inside Rasmus' profile)
Kithlar Race (description inside Kara's profile)
Vatorian Race (description inside Sarus Vaterius's profile)
Xernoxvi Race -> Rise and fall of the Xernoxvi

The Light wise ones:

Kaida -> Kaida, Queen of the light wise one's Profile
Rahnia -> Rahnia, Light one of Wind and Lightning

The Dark wise ones:

Kain -> Kain, King of the Dark Wise ones Profile
Zan -> Zan Yaris' Profile

Things I've described:

Ukadian and it's creation -> The Ukadian and it's creation
The Dark Abyss -> The Dark Abyss

Royal Trouble: Chapter 1 -> Royal Trouble: Chapter One


Archangel Station -> Archangel Station

Need to bloody finish/work on:

Craig Arun'Shallok (Previous Emperor of the Dark Elves)
Gavern Silverstone (Dark Assassin guild master)
Kashyra Erith'cheyra (Queen of the Wood Elves and second A.M.F Ambassador of the A.M.F)
Saria (Daughter of Sariphya and Seth)
Sara (Tharen's wife)
Vorn Kir-Sul (Father of Kiras)

Other A.M.F Admirals (in order of squad not name):

Codis Stevens (Male Human/Keeper Squad contact)
Idana Novaheim (Female Vatorian/Research Squad contact)
Xiran Okavius (Male High Elf/Tech Squad contact)
Jindra Zur'Kolesk (Female Lorkaine Elf/Assault Squad contact)
Sylvera Surahn (Female Wood Elf/Stealth Squad contact)
Ryzer Paryzith (Male Dark Elf/Sniper Squad contact)
Zuo Kai-Ryu (Male Kithlar/Recon Squad contact)
Kyjahna Di'Lius (Female High Elf/Demlotions Squad contact)
Yvena Gardreg (Female Draken/Zodiac Squad contact)

The Light wise ones:

Selveda (Goddess of Nature)
Kronos (God of Fate)
Khalyn (Godess of Knowledge)
Inferno (God of Earth and fire)
Katera (Godess of Time)
Blizzard (God of Water and Ice)

The Dark wise ones:

Raven (Goddess of Curses)
Chaos (God of Fear)
Pestilence (Goddess of Diseases)
Reaper (God of Death)
Zera (Goddess of Anguish)
Mirya (Goddess of Sorrow)

Nuetral wise one:

Sabrina (Goddess of Happiness/Neutrality/Sorrow)

Things I need to describe:

Crystalite, the crystal surfaced planet
Kithlar Chrome Weaponry
Saiden version's history
Tharian/Hyakth Weaponry
The Dark Assassin faction
The light and darkshards
The Russian Vanguard of Volkov

Aaaand that just about does it... I think.

Also edit: I reorganized this so it would look neater, helps me see what I have done exactly instead of rummaging through my gallery and looking one by one.

Journal History

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