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My new stoof, from the art to the stories and whatnot.




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Kaden Howland
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I am Dragon or Zeraht as I prefer, aka Kaden, half Irish (my father's side), half polish (my mother's side) and a bit of british as well.

I love to read and write, I do both when I have time, art I love, no matter the form, also I think I like furry art more than any other, I just like how cute fluffy things can be.

Current Residence: Mythzarah, Plane of Souls

Favourite genre(s) of music: Industrial, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, anything that makes a *THUMP*

Favourite style of art: Anime/Anthro

Operating System: Windows Vista, Home Edition

MP3 player of choice: My PSP... I think.

Personal Quote: By the Blades of Arzu

Favourite game quote: Excuse me, have you got the time, to get stuffed? Fable 3, annoying Gnome's

My Skype name: Dragonoffear/Silver Trigger

My steam user -> Sparrow
I do change my steam name now and then just to let others know ahead of time ^^;…


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Name: Elektra Rita Zermayne

Other Names/Titles: Ella, Elka, Alluring Beauty

Age: 21 years old, August 22nd, Year unknown

Gender: Fenale

Race: Erynian, Anubian Exotica

Occupation: Botanist

Origin: Planet Azora, Solirna City

Sexuality: Pansexual

Family: Andra, Mother, Soroph, Father, Emila, Elder Sister, Koschek, Elder Brother

Personality: Elektra is a rather calm and usually happy young woman, proud of her body and has no problem letting everyone know. She has a taste for classical music and usually sews or tends to the gardens whilst listening to it for comfort. On ocassion she will spend her time studying other languages of whomever she may encounter, though their technology is not very advanced, none the less she remains a curious woman and is eager to improve, having learned to play several instruments, such as the piano, violin, cello and harp. Elektra has herbal knowledge and grows her own vegetables around her own home, living alone at this time, having moved out when she was old enough, she is quite self sufficient but does not mind if company springs around.

Appearance: Elektra, or Ella stands at the unusually rather short height of 5 foot 5 inches; she is covered in a most exotic colouring of dark purple and midnight blue fur, the dark purple markings are seperated by the midnight blue strip from her forehead and going down past her muzzle and to her nose, the rest of her purple fur covers all of her body except for her chest, belly, her inner limbs and the underside of her tail. Atop of her head flows her lucious purple with crimson red, blue and hot pink streaks hair, reaching to her curvaceous ass. Sprouting out from atop of her head and out of her lucious locks rest her pointy and long jackal styled ears with tuffs of fluff upon the tips and odd yet thin curved further tips lowering to just above the base of her ears, they are pierced with 4 golden hoops on each ear, her hair has two bangs, her right flowing past her cheek and her left just below her eye, she also has two long ponytails flowing from the back of her head, meaning her hair is very long, almost obscenely so. Below her forehead rests her brow and her slanted, almond shaoped twin coloured eyes, her left is aqua blue and her right is a emerald green. Her muzzle is narrow and pulled outward just enough to varify her major specie as Anubian Jackal, she has sharp teeth but a cute button nose along with a common smile of innocence and oddly desire. Below her beautiful fine neck rests her soft yet strongly feminine shoulders, her arms bare average sturdy muscles and her hands end with claws. Below her neck and upon her chest flow two beautiful DD-cup breasts, each having rather vulgar markings upon them to display her fertility, her nipples are near 1 inch long when fully erect, they are coloured a rather odd dark pink colour. Upon her flat and toned belly rests a rather exotic fertility marking that glows whenever she is aroused, her waist above it is narrow and is outshun by the width of her broodmother, sexualized hips, sexy meaty thighs and a magnificent, bouncy, curvaceous, jiggling ass, from that sprouts an unusually long and fluffy tail, ending with a steadily brighter red paintbrush pattern, between her arousingly thick thighs rest her dainty dark pink nether lips, almost always wet with arousal and fit for the taking, not to mention very stretchy. Lowering past her sexy thighs flow her plantigrade legs and calves, ending with paw-padded claw-toed feet.

Clothing/Armor: She is dressed only in a skimpy scarf-like sash covering her breasts, a sash around her waist leaving her hips and thighs revealed and hiding what little of her ass and her nethers they can, she also has sexy black thick fishnet stockings that reach from her upper thigh right down to her feet, only wearing heeled sandals for shoes, for undies she only wears a open slit thong due to her nethers being always wet and no bra whatsoever.

A secondary outfit would be one more appropriate, but still sexy in its own way, she would wear a gold coloured short rear zipped top which would have a slight V-neck indention, concealing her bust entirely but leaving her belly exposed, she would wear a poncho over her shirt to be more concealing and for use in winter weather, a orange flame coloured skirt that would fall to just above her knees and is loose, black opaque tights from waist to foot, brown leather boots and a rather sexy pair of satin panties, leaving her butt exposed but hidden by her skirt and tights none the less.

Her bedroom outfit consists of only a satin pale pink wrap around her breasts, a satin pale pink and silk thong resting high upon her hips and finally a thigh high pair of silken pale pink stockings.

Carried Items: She wears two bangles upon her forearms, a black lace choker and a writ of ownership for her home, just in case.

Carried Weapons: She only has a 8 inch dagger for self defense, it has jagged edges and a hook to practically and effectively tear off the skin from any attacker.

Biography: Elektra was born into an average sized family upon her homeworld, Azora. She has had a quiet yet well educated life growing up, she spent her childhood years learning about herbology and music, not to mention her studies with other languages. At her early teen years, she learned her first martial art self defense style from a rather well reknowned warrior of her people, she was keen on learning whatever she could as she believes more knowledge is always better than nothing. At age 16, she created her first self sufficient greenhouse at her own backyard, not long after, she had a loosely controlled wild garden with a variety of plants, fruits and healing herbs of many kinds. As of now, she is aspiring to become a fully qualified herbal merchant, seeking a place to sell her wares or start up a business, she has the stock but no means to create the business without help.

Elektra has potential to become a number of things, though due to her amazing fertility, she can reproduce without any additional herbs to extend the fertility, of course there are ways to halt her fertility, but only temporarily as it will overwhelm the herb or whatever she would be given. She has high libido however and is surprisingly endurant considering she has almost no experience aside a few personal sessions of touching and little beyond. Her specie, the Erynian's, are a hybrid of Vixen and Anubian Jackal, though they have many variants, from artics to reds, from exotics to shadows, the names are rather self explanatory. Her specie is reminiscent to an ancient Egyptian specie, however they do not have a focus for worshipping multiple gods, they have one only and are very peaceful people, they have little military might but are very self sufficient, they build to keep their specie surviving and remaining as such. They are very familial of course, hence steady sized families that may exist.

Extra: Elektra has some secret fetishes she may be attracted to, the female side of the specie also lactate from age 18 onwards, they have quite the extended lifespan as well, living up to at least 500 years or beyond. She is also suitable for any era of theme, whether fantasy, modern or sci-fi due to the adaptability of her specie and possible knowledge of travelling visitor's and more.
Elektra Zermayne's Profile
Elektra is a young botanist that owns her own plot of farming land, she grows all sorts of herbal remedies and even aphrodisiacs for those that want to enhance the fun in the bedroom, or beyond if that is there kink.

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Name: Kierla

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 106 years old, born in 2954, 5th January

Gender: Female

Race: Xernovi, reptilian/feline/furred anthro race.

Occupation: Healer

Clan/Origin: Unknown

Family: Irila, Mother, Gaven, Father

Appearance: Kierla stands at the average height of 7 foot tall (2.13 meters); her fur is a smoothly combed snow white in colour, she has slightly thicker fur than normal as adaption to cooler weather. Her red coloured hair is a straight flowing long shape ending at her waist, bangs to her sides at her forehead and is split into three ponytails at her back, upon her forehead lie two retractable antennae, very sensitive to touch and may be used as a enhancement during more private sessions with a potential lover. Her ears are long and upward though furred and are slightly bent backwards and are flexible enough to display her mood with raising and lowering movements. Her facial structure is heavily feminine, narrow jaw and lifted cheekbones, giving her eyes a clockwise tilted turn and slightly narrowing of her eyelids. Her eyes are of reptilian appearance, however have soft pinkish rose colour, the pupil is slitted and thins or widens depending on the mood that she is in. Her breasts that lie upon her chest is that of a perky, bouncy and lifted E-cup, however as do a lot of her specie, she has the ability to increase their size to a reasonable amount as are any of her gender are gifted with. Her body figure is that of a curved yet athletic hourglass shape, though widening at her hips and chest area, leaving her waist narrow somewhat, her belly has a somewhat obvious muscle through her fur. Her upper arms are strong and have a decent tone of muscle upon them, she is strong enough to use a claymore with ease, but prefers finese over strength despite her being more of the support kind for combat. Her hands are four fingered and have a thumb like a humanoid would, they are clawed and may retract should she need them, her nails near match the colour of her crystaline skeleton. Her thighs are strong and meaty, used for long bursts of sprinting and long leaps to enable flight, her legs like any other Xernovi, are also digitigrade. Upon her back are two pairs of butterfly wings, a beautiful dark pink, purple and soft midnight blue yet almost floral pattern marking her as a full adult and in her prime of health and fertility. Above her curvy and jiggling rear, spread out two 1.8 meter long tails, start thick at their bases but get thinner as they reach the tip, each are sensitive and are mainly used for balance when running, walking and even flying at times, they may also be used for self warming or be used to calm her if in any level of stress or anxiety, along with the gentle attention to her ears.

Clothing/Armor: Kierla is dressed in a soft cotton and silk violet coloured tunic with detached sleeves from her upper arms past her wrists however leaving her back bare for her wings to be free of restriction. For her lower body she wears a simple dark blue skirt falling to just above her shins, she has dark red stockings upon her legs, leaving her feet to be protected by soft well made shoes, white cotton panties cover her nethers, however her specie have no need for bras.

Abilities: She can use any type of magic however she focuses on healing those that are hurt or the suffering, she can use Dextralyte shaping as with any Xernoxvi can use with training, and she has the ability to shape her own body and even others, she has a rather impressive endurance and stamina peak, it would take a lot of damage or exhertion to make her tired or unable to move.

Skills: She is well versed in medical knowledge, especially in the terms of botany, using natural herbs to heal ailments of most known causes, resulting with magic if necesary, she is also well known for her methods of soothing others through music or sound, though with enough power she can turn it into a weapon if she had no choice.

Items: She only carries a large bag with varies medical supplies when she is around, she also wears a sacred amulet upon her neck, marking her as a well versed healer among her people, improving the strength of her healing magic in particular.

Weapons: Though she is not one for violence, she wields a sharp curved sword enchanted with a strange razorwire effect, which shreds anything it cuts, the blade is also serrated allowing for deeper and more wider cuts.

Personality: She is a kind and intelligent young woman with the heartfelt eagerness to help anyone that may need it, Kierla is often regarded as a motherly figure among her species society, nursing those injured back to health, no matter the specie, be it animal or person. Though she is shy when attention is given, she will return it with equal, if not more, zeal. She is a decent cook and knows just how to make someone feel welcome, wherever she may be.

Bio: Kierla was born among a family colony away from the wars that was caused by her elders. She grew up among few as young as her, she became mature at a younger age as the other younglings did. Her parents were both strict but loving to her, they reminded her that the world beyond of that which she lived in was not a peaceful one, they sadly told her there were those that hated her kind, she was told to stay far away from these people, as much as possible. In her later years, she focused on healing those that she found injured, animals were her first practice and then her own people, and eventually others of species that crossed paths with them.

In the year 3000, the year of the first appearance of the Hykath in years, Kierla had reached midway age to her first century, her parents had left for the meeting of the elders, it was an unfortunate time for her, left alone with younglings of her age, here she learned further more of her medical doctrine, however when the elders returned, they came with several injured of their own, she helped as she could however she was not specifically told to do so, elder, more trained healers took over but praised her for her dedication and selflessness. Years later, in 3060, the first war of the Hykath had begun and her parents had joined the ranks of the Mother, Aranya.

However she was one of the lucky ones to never have lost either parent, the war was costly to both sides no doubt, but eventually, her specie were eventually convinced through many trials to no longer assault the other species of the universe, in time peace was brought upon the galaxy, despite the troubles still lingering. She would travel from that point on, not yet finding a place to stay and use her healing skills to her advantage.
Kierla's Profile
Kierla is a young adult Xernovi who has made herself a healer of her people and beyond, she helps those in need and has a simple goal of helping all she meets, no matter the specie.
Dragon Age: Inquisition Ebony by DeathianDragonFear
Dragon Age: Inquisition Ebony
An update on Ebony, I simply changed her hair color and little else, I find the silver tone a better fit for her.
Dragon Age: Inquisition Ebony by DeathianDragonFear
Dragon Age: Inquisition Ebony
Just an in game screenshot of my Dalish Elf Ebony in DAI on PS4, I am rather enjoying the game so far, its a blast for me.
Name: Red Elizabeth Mornex

Other Names/Titles: Firefly, Beth, Lizzy, Little Minx

Age: 20 years old, born March 17th, 3040

Gender: Female

Race: Human with partial Draken inheritence

Occupation: Member of the Order of Red

Origin: Earth, supposedly a mix of German and Russian

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: Roderic, Father, Elsa, Mother, Tira, younger sister.

Personality: Red is usually a smiling, young, chirpy young woman, she has been known to study the draconic tongue and arcanic knowledge, growing up as the curious type but none the less, she loves to read and study all sorts of lore from many different species. She is social enough to fit in with a small crowed but larger amounts of people give her slight anxiety but she manages with some encouraging words from her family. She is quite the artist despite her youth, she is found of the winter weather and loves the color red as if that was not obvious considering her very name.

Appearance: Red stands at the height of 5 foot 6 inches (1.67 meters); Her soft skin is a light tone in colour, her face has soft feminine features, her nose is small and pointy yet shaped just right, her eyes are red in colour and have a black reptilian slit instead of the human pupil and are rotated slightly, giving her an unusual asian look, her ears are slightly pointed. Atop her head flows to her lower back long soft red hair, matching her thin well cut eyebrows upon her forehead, of which present some seriousness. Her jawline is thin and feminine, her neck is thin and easy to tease. Her upper arms are muscled somewhat from her use of sword and axe training, as well as weight lifting when she needed to for training and endurance. Her hands have clawed fingers upon them, they are evident side effects from the draconic blood she was given. Her body represents a rather curved yet athletic figure, her bust is a perky B-cup, her waist is narrow and shows her belly toned, her hips are of just above average width, her thighs are strong and ending at her feet remain in human form, just having talon-like toes instead of her original. Upon her back she has a ancient tattoo baring the mark of a Draken prophecy, this was imprinted on her just a year ago, by the famed Draken Scholar and Adventurer, Tareeva.

Clothing: Red is now usually seen in a long deep blue silk dress revealing her back and the tatto that is upon it. The dress falls to just below her knees, it reveals partial amount of cleavage, only top side of her bust as well as held up by just right fitted black lace corset, her hands are covered by nicely crafted elven fingerless leather gloves leaving her fingers free from confines, she also has a bracelet of which she crafted, it has a medium sized sapphire etched onto it and the words, 'Live with honor, fight for hope'. For her underwear, she simply wears a silk white thong, lifted and resting neatly upon her hips, her legs covered by black lace tights and brown heeled boots.

Carried Items: She carries her katana of which has runes of fire and shock upon the blade, shifting with strong magical energy of which she has mastered by now, she also has a crystal dagger and a composite bow, usually using steel or holyfire arrows.

Biography: Red was born in 3040 march 17th on Earth living with her father and other sister Lucy. After she turned 15, her father was murdered by a group of assassins, but the reason is still unknown even to this day, five years from then. She decided to carry on the order her father had created from her own name, which she grew fond of, and it was assembled in a hidden temply on a planet named, Vorzek, built several years ago by the founders of the Order of Red and fellow builders willing to aid them. It acts as a safe haven for the faction, or rather it did until a very powerful entity found its way into this dimension from elsewhere and nearly wiped out the order of what she considered family, but thankfully the plan of the demonic entity was thwarted and thus saving her family and the followers of the order.

Red was eventually teamed with her best friend Kain, who was just about to start his first mission for the order three days after the entity came to eliminate them but was stopped. Of course, being within the order means she met many people of importance, even a specific Draken lady named Tareeva, she personally gifted Red with her blood after she was choosen according to the prophecy written upon her back. As of now, the order is at its peak of duty, Red is eager to start her work within the order and along with friends and others she can trust, she will no doubt have adventures among the galaxy, though she is young she seeks adventure and the chance to record as much lore personally for the grand library of the order, a grand sight it is indeed.

Extra: N/A
Red Elizabeth Mornex's Profile
Red, the daughter of the order's founder and eager warrior, seeking adventure among the stars and beyond, whatever awaits the young blood will be found in due time, the order is for the hope of good and are partial Draken thanks to their initiation ritual performed by their scholar, Tareeva.
Idana Novaheim, Kogahn Spectre by DeathianDragonFear
Idana Novaheim, Kogahn Spectre
This is a coloured concept art of my character Idana Novaheim, Vatorian Kogahn Spectre. Full credit goes to my good friend :iconmadcomm: for making this for me and allowing me to upload it, thanks again mate.

Edit: Replaced the armor concept, forgot about the replacement.

For more information see here deathiandragonfear.deviantart.…
Name: Jindra Keeley Zur'Kolesk

Other Names/Titles: Commander Jindra, Jinny

Age: 285 years old, born March 6th 2755

Gender: Female

Race: Lorkaine Elf

Class: Psyker Commando

Occupation: Admiral for the A.M.F/Contact for Assault Squad

Origin: Arynthia, Ilusious City

Sexuality: Bisexual

Family: Tormas, Father, Iluma, Mother, Shuyem, Elder Brother

Personality: Jindra is a very intelligent and carefully trusting individual, she always makes sure to put others before herself however she keeps her best smiles for friends and family. She has a fancy for sweet things and despite her outer commander-esque appearance, she surprisingly prefers to wear feminine clothing whenever she is at home and away from the military duty. She is strict towards her fellow troops and does not tollerate failure, however she can be forgiving if they prove they can recover from such screw ups, she can be a kind hearted woman if she finds the moment to display it.

Appearance: Jindra stands at the average height of 5 foot 9 inches tall; like most Lorkaine's, her skin tone is that of a gold colour in tone if somewhat, lighter. Atop of her head flows her long, lower back length and straight cut with a subtle yet dark crimson tone of colour, strands of her hair are highlighted at a lighter tone, she has two bangs spanning the sides of her face, her right bang is longer and thicker than her left bang, both spanning the length of her cheeks but the right reaches the side of her mouth and perhaps her jawline. Her ears are long, slightly curved with two points splitting into the twin tips all Lorkaine's are known to have. Her eyes are a soft and beautiful magneta colour, rather unusual for her specie but it does occur very rarely. Her facial structure is strongly feminine, her jawline is chisled and the width is thin to match her common Elven beauty. Her lips softly relax into a soft smile of sorts, her natural expression to be sure. Below her fine feminine neck rest her sturdy shoulders and strong well built arms, through years of excercise and physical training she has gained a much stronger physical appearance overall, her right arm has a dark purple colored marking reaching from the top of her shoulder to the back of her hand, ending at her index and middle fingers, the marking spirals down in and around her inner upper and forearms. Below her strong if feminine shoulders rests her firm yet suple D-cup breasts, her body has developed beautifully over the years and is proud of such heritage, if very modest about it. Her belly is toned with the obvious muscle, a steady, not-so prominent six-pack can be seen if she is not concealing her muscles, which most of the time she is. Below her belly rests her wide yet girthy hips, they could make a mother jealous with their width, her thighs just as eye catching despite the muscle as it doesn't quite show unless she is exercising intensely, her legs end in the normal five toe feet every Lorkaine is born with.

Clothing/Armor: For her uniform as an acting Admiral of the A.M.F, she dons a midnight blue coloured Elven robe over her usual dark blue shirt with full length arms and fitting trousers along with black short boots to go with the outfit.

For off duty, she usually wears a white Elven long-sleeved tunic with a white knee length skirt and matching tights from her waist to her feets, as well as white simple lady flats with a butterfly decal etched upon the toe area of the flats.

Carried Items: Upon her left arm rests her holo-tool, around her neck dangles a beautifully crafted silver necklace with her military dogtag upon it and a ring with Elvish engraved upon it, the words read: "To my friend, may your journy in life be loving and always happy, from Sorisa."

Carried Weapons: She is usually armed with a 12x zoom scoped Elven battle rifle, of which she named it "Rivera", consisting of 16mm rounds and with steady semi-auto fire, for her sidearm she carries a four-shot pistol sized shotgun equipped with 10 guage shells but with a kinetic recoil suppressor for quick successive firing and not too high of a recoil in the process.

Biography: Jindra was born upon the homeworld of the Lorkaine's within the famed city of Ilusious, the city of Prosperous Wonders. She lived a rather average childhood, not experiencing much that one would think one with such a brilliant mind would. She seemed fairly average growing up but that changed over her teen years and then when she entered into Psyker training, her life was drastically changed at that point on. She was teamed up with her brother on several occasions as either tests or as literal training programs for the best of the Psyker's they had available at the time.

Jindra did exceptionally well in her training within the well known Psion Education and Military Academy or PEMA for short, better than they had hoped for one so young, she exceeded her fellow students years beyond them, and by 80 years, she had already mastered her psychic abilities for full combat use. Between the training, school and her personal life, she was very busy, she barely had time for herself but that was the way it was to be, she had no say in what she wanted to do for the most part. Upon her younger years, she met someone named Sorisa, she was a beautiful young aspiring Psyker just like Jindra herself, the two quickly became friends over the years they had spent together.

Sorisa Alkavien was the daughter of a famed scientist whom actually worked on the infamous Black Ziron's and then disappeared not long after the story was in the open, she thankfully did not suffer the penalty of being the daughter of such a trouble maker in their times, none the less she did her best to get along with her peers and her fellow students, she herself was probably the best among them. Years had past, both unfortunately went their seperate ways when Jidnra was asked to join the A.M.F due to her previous training at PEMA and even at the rather secretive Psychic and Psionic training facility, only known to those that went there as Hajash (Prounounced, Harrash), Sorisa however joined the Arikahn Lorkaine Army and stayed native to her home.

The second location Jindra had studied and trained at, Hajash, once a wood elven mining colony. Due to major anomalous hazards, Hajash was abandoned, and taken by the Lorkaine miltitary as a training area. The anomalies provide loads of training opportunities for psykers. Mostly defensive and passive focuses on the adaption of their psychic abilities but none the less never to be undrestimated for their training is rigerous and poses danger to those not prepared for such trails to face within the anomalous facility.

Jindra was saddened for them to part ways but she promised she would return to visit, and so she has and before she left, Sorisa gave her a friendship ring to keep her in memory, and so to this day Jindra remembers her well, she eventually rose to become an Admiral among the other 11, and the only Lorkaine to have become one due to the Black Ziron's being created just after her rise to such a title. Currently she is still within the ranks of the A.M.F, though she is still quite young for a Lorkaine, she has plenty of years of experience to go through and she is eager to see what the universe has in store for her next.

Extra: N/A
Jindra Zur'Kolesk's Profile
Jindra, not only a Psyker Commando with plenty of experience in combat but also one of the 12 contacts for the A.M.F squads. She leads the Assault squad and is a proud member of the A.M.F, not to mention the fact that she was practically one of the only Lorkaine's to be allowed to remain during  the Black Ziron's creation and public exposure. Now she is notified as a trusted ally and a well known Psyker Commando within her species ranks, one of the best trained to be sure.

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Name: Winter Ryth-Mire

Age: 268 years

Gender: Female (As are all Asulvi)

Race: Asulvi (Flametailed Asian-Styled Foxes)

Occupation: Psi-Sage/Manaweaver

Origin: Unknown, born somewhere among the planet named, Saurisian

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: Kirisa, Mother, Talnya, younger sister

Personality: Playful, intelligent, has strong knowledge of magic arts, plays a piano and a violin, loves silk and lace, dislikes evil and aggressive people, is endurant, strong-willed and very caring.

Appearance: Winter stands at the height of 1.77 meters (5 foot 10 inches) her entire body is covered with soft snow-white fur and her inner flesh is midnight blue, meaning her mouth, tongue, the inside of her ears, nipples and nethers would be of the colour midnight blue. Her hair is mostly crimson but also has lovely strands of midnight blue and is long to her lower back, curls at the ends of her bangs and has only a short fringe upon her forehead, atop of her head rest two fox styled ears with light extended fur tips that are dyed crimson red to match her hair and have four hoops on each ear, making the total of eight earrings. Her body figure is curvacious, her hips are fertile and wide even though she has had no children, her body is hers to shape and a desire for others, and she prefers it that way. Her bust is a soft and firm, perky and bouncy D-cup, and also contain a lovely treat for those that are curious enough or just love to hear her moan. Above that gropable, curvy and ever so lovely jiggly tush of hers is a long fluffy tail, though it has a white flame at the tip, it is not harmful to those that are neutral or friends with her, but will burn those she dislikes or distrusts, it serves as a definition of difference and it just adds a bit of cuteness for some that care, it is also very sensitive and is tied to their soul, somehow, if their tail is removed aggressively they would fall into a coma. Her arms and legs are decently muscled, however she is rather non-violent considering her status. Her eyes are a soft and strangely glowing cyan blue tint, they hide within the irises a small pupil amongst the colour.

Clothing: Before Winter came to Earth, she wore a white silk weaved strapless dress that was held up by a corset and strings at the rear of the dress upon her back, it fell to her shins, her legs were clad in soft white full length cotton tights from slightly above her waist to foot, matching white short heeled shoes and a lace and silk petticoat covering her chest and down to her belly, covering her upper arms and leaving her forearms uncovered.

Upon arriving to Earth, she was given a modified black silk and lacey dress with a mesh covered back and sides, V-neck to reveal some cleavage, the lower part of the dress was slitted from her right hip to the end of the skirt, upon her legs she wears black opaque tights with a fishnet pattern but only transparent slightly from waist to foot and matching black short heels upon her feet.

Carried Items: Winter carries with her a amulet that is very dear to her and a signet ring from her mother for the Ryth-Mire family.

Biography: Winter was born amongst her own homeworld, Saurisian and has lived there for many years in peace, until she had grown curious and decided to become a travelling mage of sorts. She studied along with other Asulvi planning to become a strong minded manaweaver and even be able to fly a ship of her own. She suceeded in learning many topics such as spaceflight, spellcasting, meditating, scribing and understanding of other worldly languages like Elvish, Universal and her species own tongue which only Asulvi may know of.

She currently has her own home amongst the grand woodlands of Saurisian as well as a small apartmant for two on Earth, she has met a number of humans of whom thing she is a rather exotic creature, however she is also in danger from oddly nosy scientists and researchers wanting to know more of her specie, but mainly herself due to her strange tail.

Extra: Winter indeed lives with a roommate, of whoever that may be, the first person Winter met upon arriving to Earth, she is happy to call them a friend after just spending a few months with them, they seem to have similar tastes in music at least which also helps, she has taken a liking to them and they have Winter's trust, she is fond of her roommate as their relationship blooms into friendship, who knows if it may escalate, only time will tell.
Winter Ryth-Mire
Winter, one of my Asulvi manaweaver's, living within a modern setting and among one other whomever it may be.

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Name: Sasha von Sommer

Other Names/Titles: Saz, Petal, The Flameweaver

Age: 21 years old

Gender: Female

Race: Arctic Fox

Occupation: Witch, medium in Pyromancy and Holy magic

Origin: Germany, Dortmund

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: Mother, Alicia and Elder sister, Enya

Personality: Playful, curious, easily impressed, outgoing, talkative and eager to meet new people.

Appearance: Sasah stands at the average height of 5 foot 6 inches, first from head to toe, she is covered in soft silky smooth silvery white fur, except for the very tips of her ears and tail which are cutely painted a soft grey, her hair is black in colour with highlights of dark crimson, dirty blonde and dark blue at places, it is long and well combed to her lower back, nearly reaching her rear and leaves her front with two bangs to the sides of her forehead and avoids her eyes thankfully, her eyes are a soft yet most odd flame orange nearly red or crimson, her body figure is a rather sexy hourglass figure, her upper chest is wider than usual, her waist line is narrow and her hips really stand out and are surprisingly wide and all motherly, her soft curvy yet sensitive tush is nice and bubbly, it jiggles should she walk in her rather sexy swinging way, her bust size is a average yet perky B-cup, her tail is long and fluffy, it can wrap around her narrow waist at least 1 and a half times.

Clothing: Sasha wears the witch uniform of old, it even got her expelled from her last school because of it. Sasha dons the hat of a fellow witch, though being a dark crimson in colour, brimmed and pointed along with the adjustable belt and buckle along the base of the hat near the start of the brim, which is wide and is in great condition for one called the Flameweaver. Her torso is covered only by a matching corset, holding up and amplifying her bust, and her arms are covered by dark crimson sleeves, open and wavy at the forearms, but puffy and regal near the shoulders. Her hands are covered by dark crimson, completely fingerless gloves, her feet by matching knee-high dark crimson boots. From these boots protrude sexy black 'spiderweb' tights, reaching up to her waist to completely cover her lower body. Her nethers are covered by only a lavender thong, which is silky and smooth and almost caresses her ultimately sensitive lips, and a crimson skirt, reaching down to her mid-thigh and perhaps way too risque to be for school, and slit from both sides and starting from her hip downwards. Her sleeves have numerous hidden pouches, as do her boots.

Armament: She carries a staff of light for her holy magic use and has a hovering orb of fire to her possession and use, these are what make her classified as a witch in true form.

Carried Items: She carries a leather bag and hoistered around her left shoulder, she has a dark brown leather belt around her waist and has a pouch attached to it and is used for storing various mana potions like her belt has vial slots as well.

Biography: Sasha was born into a small family of just three, her father is unknown and Sasha is quite the unique student of magic indeed, earning a nickname when she was able to weave fire and holy magic beautifully, she is known to be curious and indeed likes to have a laugh when she can. During her young age of growing, she learned her skills rather quickly as she seems to be adaptive, though even for her easy learning curve she has had accidents indeed. Currently Sasha is looking for a tutor but also a fellow witch or wizard, she has been unable to get back into wizard school just because of her appearance, she has no regrets of her choice however, she likes her outfit and she does not care what others think.

Extra: Beside being expelled from her last three magic schools due to her choice in outfit, she has been trying hard to learn what she can, her mother is rather upset with her recent 'appearance', but is only trying her best to keep Sasha into a respectable woman.
Sasha von Sommer
Sasha, a Flameweaver in training, mastering the arts of controlling the very element of fire with her hands, if only there was someone who could take her to the next level.

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Name: Ling Min

Other Names/Titles: Ruby

Age: 19 years old, October 28th

Gender: Female

Race: Arctic Fox

Occupation: Secretary for a business office/Gem Thief

Origin: Somewhere in China, unknown location

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: None to speak of

Personality: Rather cheerful, naive, cunning, playful, hardworking and somewhat flirty.

Appearance: Ling stands at the decent height of 5 foot 6 inches; she is covered from head to foot in soft snow white fur that is perfect for winter weather but a little thick for summer temperatures. Atop of her head rests her two fluffy tipped vixen shaped ears with the inner ear coloured black. Tucking under her ears flows her beautifully long and well kept slightly curly at the ends deep red hair, a fringe just softly rests along her cheek but both eyes are always visible, her eyes are almond shaped and resemble an asian lifted look, they are a soft sky blue in colour and clearly shows her gentleness, she will always try to have a soft smile across her narrow vixen muzzle she dons, ending with a soft cute black nose. Below her fine neck rests her strongly feminine shoulders, looking as if she focused more on her feminine side of her appearance than trying to gain much muscle, she has little from her yoga lessons but it barely shows through her fur. At her back she has a rose pattern tattoo with her nickname inked alongside a beautifully drawn ruby. Atop of her chest rests now a set of D-cup breasts with 0.5 inch black coloured nipples thanks to a little aid of a certain mind, they feel heavy and jiggle pleasantly when she walks, even with support or a tight top to keep them compressed if she could, almost always showing them off with a teasing amount of cleavage but not enough to make her lose her job of course. Her tummy is lightly toned and it can only show up close, below her narrow waist and tender belly rests her rather wide, motherly hips, gifted from her dear mother's fertility, they could make even the most proud mother just a little bit jealous. She has a soft, squeezable tush to match her hip width, a long fluffy tail that is able to wrap around herself nearly twice, her feminine thighs are sexy and offer some curves to caress a tempting partner, especially her silken black nethers, even better to touch with and glide along bare handed or to tease with silk coverings, they end with a plantigrade footing.

Clothing/Armor: As for clothing, in office anyway, she wears a white buttoned short sleeved shirt, a grey cotton skirt, black tights to hide her rather sexy underwear, being a thong matching her shirt, being white in colour and a pair of black matching heels.

As for casual, she wears a red vest under a cream coloured jumper, a more loose black skirt instead of hugging her curves, grey tights and a mismatching dark blue thong and short dark brown leather boots.

A second casual would be a simple white short sleeved shirt, a black right slitted side knee length skirt, pale pink silk tights, brown leather short heeled boots and as for underwear a simple white lace thong.

As for her "work" outfit, she wears a curve hugging sleeveless short dress that aids her in running with her heeled boots she wears along with it, black opaque tights cover her legs and she wears a black bandana to keep her hair from falling in front of her face, she also has it lifted into a ponytail.

Carried Items and Weapons: She only carries a lockpick hairclips and a bag for thieving and carrying jewels.

Biography: Not much is known about Ling herself, she is rather private and keeps to herself despite being social and friendly to most. She grew up somewhere in China, managing to avoid a life of poverty by taking risks and making it work, she was a street urchin until she managed to earn a good living out of training thanks to her 'boss' in robbery, earning her spot to work with her lovely teacher, she however had a short co-op career as her boss soon became her closest partner and was eventually caught and arrested, she has been wanting to get her out of jail with the money she has earned despite being told not to, she misses her dear partner and will do anything to get her back.

Extra: N/A
Ling Min
A thief in training, lightly put with her and her mentor's knowledge in the bag, so long as its worth stealing, she has her eyes on it.
Name: Enya Myrna O'Sullivan

Other Names/Titles: N/A

Age: 28 years old, born May 6th 1986

Gender: Female

Race: Timber Wolf

Occupation: Soldier, sniper/recon

Origin: Ireland, Belfast

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: Mother, Evalyn aged 56, born November 19th 1938, father and two brothers are deceased

Personality: Enya is a strong hearted and willed woman after all she has been through in her short life so far, she is somewhat strict with her patience but tollerates what she needs to, she is however very selfless and is willing to save innocent lives, even if it meant her own ends, she finds peace where she can and prefers to simply get the job done, she is straightforward and rather dislikes foolish and crazy risk taking people. She also loves to sing in private, not really confident of expressing her strong voice in public, possibly due to her busy yet private nature.

Appearance: Enya stands at the average height of 1.68 meters (5 foot 6.5 inches); atop of her wolven head rests her triangular ears, of which are pierced with four small gold hooped earrings, which perk up and down, shift left and right to determine her emotion physically and to show where she can hear sounds coming from which direction her ears 'point' to. Flowing down to her mid-back is her soft chocolate brown hair, bangs flow to her lower jaw and two braided tails flow from the sides of her hair down to her neck. Her fur upon her body is a soft silvery grey except for her back, the back of her limbs and tail which matches the brown of her hair, her fluffy tail ends with a 'brush' like pattern of soft chocolate brown. Her eyes are a soft silver colour, glowing in the dark with rather mystical beauty, her muzzle is pulled outward to match her species of wolf at length and width, her teeth are sharp and well clean, at the end of her muzzle rests her black button nose. Her figure is rather voluptuous despite her rigerous militaristic training, her arms are muscled enough just to be seen under her fur, her hands are clawed and sharpened well, her thighs thick, strong and meaty and not to mention plantigrade, her feet are sturdy and in excellent condition, her rear bubbly yet firm. Atop of her chest rest her D-cup breasts with 0.5 charcoal coloured nipples, her nethers are also matching this colour.

Clothing/Armor: For her first casual outfit, she wears a black sleeveless turtleneck, a red tartan above knee length skirt with a leather belt, black opaque tights and black leather short heeled boots.

For her second casual outfit, she wears a black tanktop with her military logo etched on the left side of her chest, camo above knee length shorts and black combat boots.

For a third casual outfit, she wears a white short sleeved shirt with buttons from the lower neck down, she wears a black tammy skirt with a belt and a silver belt buckle, dark navy opaque tights and black short heeled shoes.

As for her on duty clothes, she wears a white tanktop, a camo coloured jacket in more colder areas, matching camo trousers and black leather steel toe boots. She also has several pockets on her trousers with lockpicks, EMP grenades and other useful tools.

As for a more evening or business wear, she wears a black silk strapped rather curve hugging dress fall to mid-thigh, black opaque tights, matching high heels, her hair is lifted in a ponytail and she carries a black leather handbag.

Though she is without partnership, she has risque wear that she will only wear in the bedroom. She wears a rather revealing black and purple lacey bra with a matching sexy thong as well as black silk stockings.

Carried Items: Enya usually has eight silver hooped earrings, four on each ear, two rings, one from her eldest brother before he passed away and the other from her best friend Leon in the military before they had to go their seperate ways due to unspecified reasons, she also has a silver bangle on her left arm and a gold necklace with two rubies and a emerald etched onto it.

Biography: Enya was born in the countryside of Belfast along with two older siblings. Her father at the time was in the military of her birth, he was not around much due to his duty requiring him to be at his station most of the time, he hardly got the time to conatact his family, it became quite stressful over the years. Enya herself hardly got to know her father as she grew up, though she was quite a happy child living in the countryside, the school she went to there was just right for her, she gathered friends rather quickly and was happy where she was. At age 10 her father finally got his lucky break, he was given six months shore leave to spend with his family, just enough time to get along with his youngest daughter, her elder brothers too were in the military by the time she reached 16 years old.

Enya's time in high school was not as fun as she thought it would be, she had constant worries and rather nasty girls teasing her simply because she was smart and got a lot of attention from her peers, they were jealous and decided to point fingers and make up nasty rumors, but Enya did not give in to the bullying she was recieveing daily. She eventually graduated at age 18 and took a year of military training before at age 20 she headed to university. She spend the next three years thre before joining the military she trained under permenantly, she eventually became quite the valuable sniper and recon unit and was placed into a unique squad at age 25. Since then she has been within the military and is on a long well deserved break for now, living on her own and having her own house, close to where she was born.

Extra: N/A
Enya O'Sullivan Profile
Enya, simply put, an Irish military trained woman who is in a good position in her life as of now, who knows what her future holds.
Name: Silvia Kailya Sho-Tahn

Other Names/Titles: Inquisitor Silvia, Madame Kailya, Little Sparrow

Age: 150 years old

Gender: Female

Race: Irathyte

Occupation: Member of the Tri-Order, Inquisitor of the Magistrate

Origin: Mythzarah, Eltwine City

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: Step-Father Kerzan and Elder Step-Brother Sauris

Personality: Playful yet quiet and perhaps somwhat shy of showing her inner-self, well mannered, sometimes will avoid direct contact, is very defensive about her friends and family, intelligent, somewhat stubborn, cautious and likes to swim in warm waters

Appearance: Silvia stands at the shorter than average height for her specie, meaning 1.87 meters (6 foot 2 inches). She has soft snow-white fur sprouting from her head to her feet and matching skin underneath, her hair is long to her mid-back, and it is mostly straight with with two pony tails at the back and a third hoisted above her head for casual evenings and looks combed often, leaving it have that silky smooth look. Her eyes are a divine yet soft sapphire blue, having no pupil in the centre. Her nose is not in the shape as a human nose would be, instead with two slits for nasal passages, making it a muzzle and is outward enough to be able to see from the sides. Her lips are a little darker than her skin, making them at a greyish tone to match her skin/fur. Her face overall is thin and has a beautiful young look about the profile, her teeth are lightly sharp and are the usual crystal like structure as her specie has. Her ears are long and have fur covering them, they are flexible enough physically showing her current mood, rising and lowering to certain heights. Her body overall is fit for combat, some definition upon her arms, thighs and belly, her waist is narrow and indeed shows off her curves visible from her upper and lower body areas, her hips are as wide as would be expected from such an athletic lady, though perhaps wider than normal due to the 'meat' on her body, above her curvaceous tush sprout twin tails, starting thick at the base and thinning as they lower down the spines of the appendages. Her bust size possibly C-cup due to the use of athletic need and speed. She has four wings located upon her upper and mid back, she mainly uses them for lengthy flights or for evasive dodging.

Clothing/Armor: For armor, she wears what would be called, the Inquisitor's raiment, which consists of pure charcoal coloured leather armor covering her from neck to foot, cuirass is sturdy yet lose enough to be protective against piercing and blunt weaponry, it also has matching coloured chainmail tucked under her armor on top of her clothing underneath. The leggings consist of leather hide matching in colour with thigh, shin and knee pads with chainmail underlayer and plating over for extra protection. Her helmet consists of a visor like helmet for assistance in the dark with thermal and nightvisions at her beck and call. Her gloves are clawed with metallic styled clawed fingers and have a golden draconic pattern amongst the wrists. The boots are well protective and used for running and climbing, study and fitted for their feet.

As for casual, she wears a soft cotton red yukata which falls down to her skins and only reveals her feet and neck, it has a beautiful flower-esque design about the dress and has a white obi around her waist, fitting her well and keeping the kimono together. She also wears soft black opaque tights to cover her legs should a gust of strong wind happen amongst the breeze filled area of which she lives in happens along.

As for her second casual outfit, she wears a blue kimono which too falls to her shins only revealing her neck and feet. This however is plain with no decal except for a family symbol upon the right shoulder, the obi is white wrapped around her waist as usual.

Her third casual outfit however consists of a black, side-tie dress with short puffy sleeves, gold trim amongst the ends of her sleeves and skirt, 'family' (written in Japanese) stitched in gold on the back, and a light-colored phoenix pattern on the skirt, complete with black tights, low heeled sandals, blue & white leg guards and arm-guards.

Lastly her lingerie underwear, it only consists of match pair of black lace and silk bra and thong as well as matching silk stockings, she has a black choker collar around her neck with a kanji symbol of 'loved one' upon the medallion on the chocker.

Carried Items: Silvia carries an amulet given to her by her step-father, of which she understands it is significant to her family's past but she has no recalling memories of such things yet. She also carries a satchel bag holding various tools and salves for health and aurum, as well as her Inquisitor's emblem, which is a blunt knife-shaped object resembling the symbol of the Magistrate, the Tri-Order and the law of Irathyte's.

Biography: Silvia was born somewhere within the city of Eltwine, though she has no memory of her birth mother, she was sadly seperated from her when she was very young, she was lucky to be born after the event of the entity, lest her mother too would have been killed. She was later adopted by her now father, Kerzan, of whom trained and taught her how to fight and focus her aurum for the art of stealth. She was later trained further in the was of the shadow, the arts of hiding and the teachings of the hunter's silence. Upon reaching a high ranking in the military for her esceedingly impressive skills, the Magistrate asked her personally to become the Inquisitor of the tri-order, she gladly accepted to defend her people and her leader personally.

Extra: N/A
Silvia Kailya Sho-Tahn Profile
Silvia, one of the three Inquisitor's of the personal guard for the Magistrate herself of the Irathyte people, protector's of truth, secretive and protective.

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Name: Yuki "Ruby" Shalindar

Gender: Female

Age: 22 years old, born 17th November

Class: Flameweaver

Origin: Hybrid, Half Fire Djinn/Half Werewolf

Family: Katsumi, 64, Mother, Rikimaru, 74, Father, Ashley, 24, elder sister, Thorin, 24, elder brother, Bethany, 25, elder sister, Dawn, 25, elder sister, Josh, 26, elder brother and Selene, 26, eldest sister.

Physical Appearance: Yuki stands at the decent height of 5 foot 10 inches; her body is covered with a soft red pigment and is covered by a red dyed soft yet thick fur covering her from head to her feet. Her head has the shape of her mothers, a werewolf shaped face with the muzzle pulled surprisingly slightly outward and her teeth sharp within her deep maroon lips, they almost always have a curved, cheerful smile, her eyes have a colourful orange glow, burning brightly and strong whenever darkness surrounds her, always illuminated no matter where she goes, her eyebrows are lifted and adjusted to give her a happy expression, her cheeks are lifted and her appearance overall is that matching of an asian hybrid, giving her a most oriental beauty. Her hair is kept up in a rather elegant bun with a medium right bang lowering past her cheek and at the back of her head a lengthy ponytail flows down to her mid back, its colour is a flame orange with red highlights along her bangs and the rest back to front. Her body has an hourglass shape thanks to her mothers fertilty passing on to herself, her bust heavy and near DD-cup in size, her arms strong despite her focus of class, her waist narrow and her hips at a most voluptuous motherly width, her curvy rear bouncing with every step she takes, her fluffy long tail wagging happily above her tush cheeks, her thighs thick and meaty, strong enough to break bone if used for kicking at full strength, they remain plantigrade like her fathers however unlike her mothers, at the ends of her arms and legs rest her padded hands and feet, matching her werewolf attributes, thankfully she is not contagious in anyway and can freely be loved as she is, if any are even interested in such a bizarre hybrid.

Personality: Yuki is a cheerful and lively young lady in her young age, she is determined to succeed in challenges she may face over her life, she is eager to complete her magery training to become a sage of flames when she is old enough to learn the most secretive spells, she will often let her actions to the talking for her but she is all up for a conversation with her friends, despite the limited number due to her mixed authnicity, not many appreciate her 'appearance', mistaken her for a demon despite the no horns appearance or even any demonic presence about her at all. She is very familial and loves her family greatly and will do anything for them without question, she can be docile and obedient as well, not very rebellious due to her soft and sheltered upbringing.

Clothing/Armor: Yuki simply dresses in a short kimono reaching down to her mid-thigh, leaving her legs to be covered in black opaque tights to give a complexion for herself, she wears padded sandals for her feet, an obi around her waist and a rose pink hair band lifting her hair to shift aside her bangs.

For her second attire, she dons a dark purple robe dress with a right slit revealing her right leg entirely, her sleeves reach up to her upper arms and have a golden coloured wrist band and mid-upper arm to hold them in place, the chest area is a corset with strings at the rear and has a red scarf around her neck and a cloth waist band falling just above her left knee and right thigh, she wears spiderweb patterned tights which are coloured purple to match her outfit, she wears purple matching heeled leather boots which have belted leather around the shin area.

Weapon(s): She only carries the infernal stave her father gifted her when she came to age, her mother also gave her a fire runed dagger she keeps concealed at her hip side under her kimono or her robe mage dress.

Item(s): Yuki holds dear to her heart a simply silver necklace with a medallion spelling her mothers and fathers name in japanese kanji, Katsumi and Rikimaru, she also has three small hooped silver earrings on each ear and a stud for a tongue piercing, she also has a golden anklet around her left foot or boot depending on if she is wearing her footwear or not.

Skills: Yuki is a rather cunning hunter of the wild despite her calling, though she knows much more about fireweaving and studying the arts of alchemy and potionmaking than hunting. She is also able to speak japanese and several forms of spirit related dialect.

Abilities: She is solely a flameweaver mage, a evoker of fire magic based spells, whether offensive, defensive or even aiding magic, she is capable of doing much within her school of magic, though she certainly has a lot to learn.

Biography: Yuki does not know much about her past nor her parents lives in private, they were suddenly a captivating couple and had quite a few children, Yuki being the last of her six siblings, herself the seventh. She had quite a simply childhood, until she discovered her magical abilities, flameweaving was one of her most natural and easy to use, she could actually create spectacullar forms and appirations with her magic, she is also talented with the use of the hands of Ifrit, which are in the forms of gloves and can enhance her fire based melee attacks to a good degree.

For the last 10 years, she has remained within a tower of sorcery and magic, this place is mainly for learning and mastering the flow of her aurum focus, she has spent a good amount of time in the library and focusing on how to precisely master her spells she currently knows, she has had several run ins with Templars that visit regularly for their own reasons though thankfully they never cause trouble, the elders keep their students in line rather well. So far she has a good number of friends and very few enemies despite the not-so-welcoming beginning and people that do not seem to appreciate her very precense.

During her years of training, Yuki hit a few snags during several of her sessions, fighting demons as a final for her advancement was not easy due to her magic school, she did manage to defeat them with smart choices in combat but one in particular almost caused severe damage to her, she was quickly recovered from the arena and the demon removed from existence by the templar on guard, she always from that point onward had a worry for whenever her next demon fight advancement stage would come, she was not looking forward to it either, especially when a templar is on guard and she is told if she is possessed, she will be slain on the spot.

Misc: It is not known by many, but Yuki is somewhat afraid of demonic entities, perhaps this is due to two failed attempts at fighting one in particular, a demon of rage and fire, she seems to be incapable of fighting this specific demon, it is unknown whether it is due to her not having any rage to combat it with or simply due to fire being her only way of combatining and this demon is immune to fire indeed.
Yuki Shalindar Profile
Yuki Shalindar, the half fire Djinn half werewolf hybrid determined to become a fully fledged mage, but who knows what can happen inside, and outside, the tower of magic she resides within at present.
Name: Shae Tir'Linar

Other Names/Titles: Little Shae

Age: 20 years old, born April 3rd

Gender: Female

Race: Wood Elf

Class: Thief/Ranger

Occupation: Freelance Thief

Origin: Thesius, Siota Village

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: Yevena, Mother, Enoch, Father, Tyena, Elder Sister

Personality: Shae is a quiet yet a fond eager Elf that hardly looks for trouble, instead it finds her as she is usually in the wrong place at the right time. She isn't fond of egotistical people and she prefers to be in a small group rather than a large crowd, less people the better for her as she has a slight fear of being surrounded by many things at once, not to mention she has heard of odd stories around her homeland, spirits are often it would seem. She can be friendly if her trust is earned, she likes to travel often and is willing to spend time with others if offered a chance to.

Appearance: Shae stands at an average height of 5 foot 2 inches tall; she has soft slightly tanned skin, resting atop of her head an flowing down to her lower shoulders is her long dark brown hair, a long bang reaching just past her chin covers the right side of her forehead, cheek and lower face, a sideswept fringe covers most of her forehead and a short bang falls from the left side of her face. Her eyes are shaped as if they were rotated and almond in style, they are a bright soft brown in colour and her eyebrows are thin, lifted and go well with her soft innocent expression usually seen upon her face, her cheeks are slightly lifted and her jawline is feminine and thin down to her small chin, giving her a smoothly chisled look. Below her fine slender neck rests her strongly feminine if average looking shoulders and slightly muscled arms, her fingers are fine and tender to the touch despite her being a often user of woodcrafting, upon her chest rests two average B-cup breasts and below them is her slightly toned belly. Her hips are semi-wide and her thighs are of average width at least showing she is an competitive runner, her fine and well looked after feet end at her steady calves.

Clothing/Armor: She usually wears a red cotton tunic with a red knee length skirt, black cotton tights and leather boots, as for her undies, she simply wears white cotton bra and panties.

For armor, she often prefers a black leather set of the cuirass, leggings, gloves, boots and a masked hood for identity protection.

Carried Items: She wears a silver amulet and a iron ring on her right index finger, as well as three silver hoops on each ear.

Carried Weapons: She only carries a set of iron daggers and a single one handed crossbow with at least a pouch containing 30 bolts.

Biography: Shae, or Shaenna as her mother prefers to call her, grew up within the rather peaceful Siota village, north of a large farming community that stocks for the three nearby towns and the village itself. She has never been a trouble maker even growing up within the wilder country, the law is not as strict as it is within the major cities to the north and west, especially like Galebrin and Ishtiyar. She learned the trade of a ranger thanks to her father and a little of the thieving trade from her mother, the two got together during a civil war between three clans, they were apart of one of those two seperately, and their union spelt trouble, however they escaped it and the war had ended around 30 years ago.

Now the family is of a decent size, Shea being the youngest, she currently resides within the village, though makes often visits to the city Ishtiyar where her best friend works as an apprentice in Blacksmithing, she has a free safehouse sort of thing within the hospital thanks to her father being close friends with the group that runs the place, she is quite glad her father made honorable deals in his life at the very least, it has helped her get along with others much easier.

Extra: N/A
Shae Tir'Linar Profile
Shae is a young thief/ranger living in a medieval inspired Wood Elven owned colony, as technology is not as its best, the opportunities certainly are.

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Name: Callisto Tiffany Strauss

Other Names/Titles: Kali, Tiff, Kat

Age: 18 years old

Gender: Female

Race: Arctic Fox/Vampire Anthro Hybrid

Occupation: Currently in University studying for an art and design degree

Origin: Born in Coswig, Germany

Sexuality: Bisexual

Family: Ada, Mother, Till, Father, Cristoph, Elder Brother, Agna, Younger Sister

Personality: Callisto is an easy going and playful if a little eccentric, she likes to make use of her teeth and finds the taste of blood rather arousing and euphoric, she cannot get enough of it and may sometimes overfeed herself to the point where she becomes lazy from the 'overdose' of the satisfaction of the feeling. She is flirty if the person she takes a liking to catches her eye, she will often wear a sultry smile.

Appearance: Callisto stands at the height of 5 foot 9 inches tall; she is covered in soft fluffy white fur from head to foot. Atop of her head rests her vulpine bat-shaped ears with pale innerards for skin, they are pierced with two golden hoops for each ear and two studs at the upper part of her ears, her hair is long white with crimson and purple highlights to the ends of her hair, she has a fringe that crosses her forehead and dangles past her right cheek to near her neck, she manages to keep it from blocking her right eye as well. Her eyes are a alluring crimson tone of which she usually hides with ice blue contacts. Her muzzle is narrow and outward to match that of her vulpine nature and ending with a black button nose, her canine teeth are sharper and longer than usual. Below her fine slender neck rests her strong feminine shoulders, wide and ending with her feminine yet surprisingly muscled upper and lower arms, her hands ending with her clawed fingers. Below her shoulders flow her beautifully curved and vuluptuous body, her breasts perk at an endowed DD-cup, plush and firm, her belly is muscled and tonned well enough as she has had several sessions of physical exercise. Her waistline is narrow and her hips are at a motherly width, her beautiful and jiggly tush teases those that gaze upon her rear and her fluffy thick tail sprouts above it, wagging enticingly to any onlookers, her thighs are thick and strong to hold her bountiful figure. Ending at her legs rest her plantigrade padded feet with clawed toes.

Clothing/Armor: Callisto dons a black curve-hugging lace dress with a deep V-neck cut showing off her cleavage, a soft dark violet scarf hiding her cleavage just teasingly, it has long black sleeves, she wears black lace fingerless gloves along with sexy dark purple lace tights and a black lace thong, she wears black heeled leather boots reaching just below her knees.

For an evening out, she usually dons a shorter, deep red dress reaching to above her knees, matching fishnet full length stockings from waist to foot, a red lace garter belt on her right thigh, matching red forearm length gloves and a gold necklace with a encrusted diamond dangling from a gold chain.

Abillities: She has what those of her kind has, enhanced strength, stronger sense of smell, sight and hearing, a cunning mind and she has greatly enhanced charisma dispite her nature as to what she is.

Skills: She is a talented painter for her age, learning much from not only her mother in her younger years, spending moonlit evenings painting under the stars, but also from her educational progress she has spent in uni so far. She also has a knack for gardening as odd as that may sound to one such as her, she does eat food but prefers the taste of sweet, fresh blood at the tip of her tongue, she has practiced long enough to blend into society without detection.

Carried Items and Weapons: She only carries a kriss dagger for the purpose of self defense, not that she needs to defend herself, she is confident of her appearance doing the work for her.

Biography: Callisto, unlike her father, was born as she is, half vampire, half arctic fox. Growing up in her quiet earlier years, she learned to cope with her vampiric needs, if she got a little eager for more from time to time, she would eventually seek those of her own gender but of a specific type, the nicer girls always tasted better to her, those that were grouchy and not generally happy tasted awful, it was either personal preference or just her way of getting her fix. As a teen, she spent many a evening and weekened practicing a finer art, literally painting, she was fascinated by the colours, the visage a painting when finished can give, she always gained a smile from these things and it made her mother happy to see her just as happy.

Reaching her first year of adulthood, she noticed her figure was quite endowed, she is shocked herself at how fast she has grown, but of course a body like hers is made to be flaunted, and she does it well without being too forward, letting her curve-hugging dresses do the talking, a soft sultry smile is all she needed to keep when she was among friends, they were comfortable around her, despite her secret she keeps even now, her eyes hidden with contacts to prevent discovery of her true self, though a bite here and there keeps her friends forgetful, draining just enough for them to pass out, but not enough to turn them, she does not want a pack of her own kind haunting her with others around, she thankfully is able to wonder in the daylight, lest she would have a much tougher time out living in sunny areas.

And so currently she is enjoying a peaceful existence and getting her fill from those she takes a liking to, though her urge rises as she gets older and the sweet tasting girls she used to know have dwindled in number with changes of life that came naturally, she is more limited than ever and now needs someone to rely on for that need, but who would accept such a thing, she has never told a soul, even her best friend Emily, she is at least coping with the change, for now.

Growing up she spent more time with her mother than her father, but she understands how both must feel about how she is, her mother was turned vampire before she was born but none the less, they are a happy family and she cherishes her time spent with them as always, she may seem flirty and eager to bite, but she is friendly and helpful as her friends have seen throughout their time together, she one day wishes to have a family of her own, no matter how long she must wait.

Extra: Callisto hides her vampiric eyes with contact lenses, how else she hides everything else is simply something she had to learn through growing up around others, she has had trouble not thinking of others as cattle, but she has managed so far to keep her hunger at bay at the worst times, her mother has taught her well.
Callisto Tiffany Strauss Profile
Callisto, the vixen vampiress does her best to blend in, and to gather her fill from her very friends, rather than risking to feed on random people, she carefully choices her time and moment, then gets what she wants, just as she planned.

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Name: Anya Linderman

Other Names/Titles: Annie, Ann, Madam Red

Age: 25 years old, born in November 10th 1919

Gender: Female

Race: Arctic Wolf

Class: Riflewoman

Occupation: Support Officer

Origin: Germany, Berlin

Sexuality: Bisexual

Family: Katrina, Mother, Talvee, twin sister

Personality: Anya is a little hot headed at times, she is a lot like her mother in most terms, she is rather playful and flirty however, intelligent and knows what she is doing, she considers her friends to be the best to keep close, despite the times she lives in she keeps her head level and is rather defiant when it comes down to idiots prancing with their power on head.

Appearance: Anya stands at the height of 6 foot 1 inches, covered in soft yet thin snow white fur with a stripe of grey from the tip of her tail to the nape of her neck. Her body tone is a strong and well kept and well trained set of muscles, especially her belly, arms and legs, made for up close encounters. Upon her chest rest two nicely developed D cup breasts, firm yet squishy if the grasp is right, at the centre of these eye catching globes are her nipples, perky when aroused indeed. Her arms are strong and obvious with muscle and use, mostly tense due to her rarely able to relax. Her belly is tonned but only if seen through her fur, her waist is narrow, but her hips are voluptuous wide and her virgin nethers rest between them, her curvaceous butt squeezable and her meaty yet soft thighs such an irresistable sight. Her face is that of a young wolf, the muzzle is outward and matches a wolves, even the cute black button nose at the end, her eyes are a rather beautiful yet glittering soft forest green, which really stand out from her other features. Atop her head rest two canine ears, her right pierced by a set of two silver studs and one ring, they part her beautifully medium length silvery hair flowing down to just below her shoulders, of which has a medium length bang going from the top of her hair down to her right cheek.

Clothing/Armor: In duty, she wears a plated leather armor concealing most of her body, she dons a trenchcoat for winter purposes and concealment, she also wears a german officer helmet.

Off duty, Anya usually wears a medium length black skirt, a white curve hugging short sleeved shirt and a pair of combat boots.

Carried Items: She carries on night missions a pair of nightvision goggles and the PDA she is supplied with.

Biography: Anya was born with her twin in Berlin where her mother and father moved to due to a recent event happening in their previous home. Anya lived happily and well with her twin sister that was born just five minutes after her, the two got along quite well and studied different subjects to suit their hunger for knowledge when they were young. The two joined the military at age 18, they eventually ended up being support for Nadja Engel, the sniper and infiltrator for their squad of five, they have known her for a few years since she spent her time there. Now she is with her sister in the Nazi regime and have been for around 6 years now.

Extra: N/A


Name: Talvee Linderman

Other Names/Titles: Tali, TeeTee, Madam Grey

Age: 25 years old, born in November 10th 1919

Gender: Female

Race: Arctic Wolf

Class: Riflewoman

Occupation: Support Officer

Origin: Germany, Berlin

Sexuality: Bisexual

Family: Katrina, Mother, Anya, twin sister

Personality: Talvee is the technical geek of the twins, she also is a talented gunsmith and repairs and adjusts their own weapons herself with permission of course. She has studied into chemistry and engineering as well in her younger years, however like her sister is preferably more useful in field than at a desk. She is the softer hearted of the two, very loyal to her friends and trusting.

Appearance: Talvee stands at the height of 6 foot 1 inches, covered in soft yet thin snow white fur. Her body tone is a strong and well kept and well trained set of muscles, especially her belly, arms and legs, made for up close encounters. Upon her chest rest two nicely developed D cup breasts, firm yet squishy if the grasp is right, at the centre of these eye catching globes are her nipples, perky when aroused indeed. Her arms are strong and obvious with muscle and use, mostly tense due to her rarely able to relax. Her belly is tonned but only if seen through her fur, her waist is narrow, but her hips are voluptuous wide and her virgin nethers rest between them, her curvaceous butt squeezable and her meaty yet soft thighs such an irresistable sight. Her face is that of a young wolf, the muzzle is outward and matches a wolves, even the cute black button nose at the end, her eyes are a rather beautiful yet glittering soft forest green, which really stand out from her other features. Atop her head rest two canine ears, her left pierced by a set of two silver studs and one ring, they part her beautifully medium length silvery hair flowing down to just below her shoulders, of which has a medium length bang going from the top of her hair down to her left cheek. She also has a stud tongue piercing she recently got out of curiousity.

Clothing/Armor: In duty, she wears a plated leather armor concealing most of her body, she dons a trenchcoat for winter purposes and concealment, she also wears a german officer helmet.

Off duty, Talvee usually wears a set of loose jeans, a white curve hugging short sleeved shirt and a pair of combat boots.

Carried Items: She carries on night missions a pair of nightvision goggles and the PDA she is supplied with.

Biography: Talvee was born with her twin in Berlin where her mother and father moved to due to a recent event happening in their previous home. Talvee lived happily and well with her twin sister that was born just five minutes after her, the two got along quite well and studied different subjects to suit their hunger for knowledge when they were young. The two joined the military at age 18, they eventually ended up being support for Nadja Engel, the sniper and infiltrator for their squad of five, they have known her for a few years since she spent her time there. Now she is with her sister in the Nazi regime and have been for around 6 years now.

Extra: N/A
Anya and Talvee Linderman Profile
The twin Linderman sister wolves of the old Nazi regime, though not as keen as serving them, they are still trained riflewomen and know what to do should issues arise, trained together and raised together, the two are hard to seperate.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Nada
  • Reading: Nada
  • Watching: New episodes of Defiance and Continuum
  • Playing: Mainly Dragon Age Origins
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Cola
My list of profiles and things for a game project with a friend and some of my preferred stoof to share and have quick access to, the ones I've done (yay) and the ones I need to do (grr):



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Rasmus -> Rasmus' Profile
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Sylvee Kahlan Ja-Stromzen -> Sylvee Kahlan Ja-Stromzen
Sorith/Sora -> Sorith/Sora's Profile
Thane the High Acranyte -> Thane's Profile
Viktor Alexandrov -> Viktor Alexandrov's profile
Willow Grith Varikine -> Willow Grith Varikine's Profile

A.M.F Allies:

Sapphirya the First -> Sapphriya the First's Profile
Sariphya -> Sariphya's Profile
Taliah Eluvarith -> Taliah Eluvarith's Profile

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Kaden 'Hunter Voss (Halcyon Paladin) -> Kaden Voss-Halcyon Paladin
Kara Nosa Vesu Ernasia -> Kara Nosa Vesu Ernasia's Profile
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Syl Natalie Voss -> Syl Natalie Voss' Profile
Syra Moon Anarria -> Syra Moon Anarria's Profile
Talviah Ruarnis -> Talviah Ruarnis' Profile
Thena Sulios -> Thena Sulios' Profile
Zervia -> Zervia's Profile

Information, factions and info of importance:

A.M.F (Alliance of Military Forces) -> Alliance of Military Forces
Silent Sisters Info -> Silent Sisters
Silra Watchers Info -> Silra Watchers Information
The Catalyst Prison -> The Catalyst Prison History


Aposocrytes (description inside Thane's profile)
Dark Irathyte Race (description inside Arzu's profile)
Draken (description inside Thena Sulios' profile)
Hykath Rankings and Race description -> Hykath Ranking Descriptions
Irathyte Race (description inside Rasmus' profile)
Kithlar Race (description inside Kara's profile)
Vatorian Race (description inside Sarus Vaterius's profile)
Xernoxvi Race -> Rise and fall of the Xernoxvi

The Light wise ones:

Kaida -> Kaida, Queen of the light wise one's Profile
Rahnia -> Rahnia, Light one of Wind and Lightning

The Dark wise ones:

Kain -> Kain, King of the Dark Wise ones Profile
Zan -> Zan Yaris' Profile

Things I've described:

Ukadian and it's creation -> The Ukadian and it's creation
The Dark Abyss -> The Dark Abyss

Royal Trouble: Chapter 1 -> Royal Trouble: Chapter One


Archangel Station -> Archangel Station

Need to bloody finish/work on:

Craig Arun'Shallok (Previous Emperor of the Dark Elves)
Gavern Silverstone (Dark Assassin guild master)
Kashyra Erith'cheyra (Queen of the Wood Elves and second A.M.F Ambassador of the A.M.F)
Saria (Daughter of Sariphya and Seth)
Sara (Tharen's wife)
Vorn Kir-Sul (Father of Kiras)

Other A.M.F Admirals (in order of squad not name):

Codis Stevens (Male Human/Keeper Squad contact)
Xiran Okavius (Male High Elf/Tech Squad contact)
Sylvera Surahn (Female Wood Elf/Stealth Squad contact)
Ryzer Paryzith (Male Dark Elf/Sniper Squad contact)
Zuo Kai-Ryu (Male Kithlar/Recon Squad contact)
Kyjahna Di'Lius (Female High Elf/Demlotions Squad contact)
Yvena Gardreg (Female Draken/Zodiac Squad contact)

The Light wise ones:

Selveda (Goddess of Nature)
Kronos (God of Fate)
Khalyn (Godess of Knowledge)
Inferno (God of Earth and fire)
Katera (Godess of Time)
Blizzard (God of Water and Ice)

The Dark wise ones:

Raven (Goddess of Curses)
Chaos (God of Fear)
Pestilence (Goddess of Diseases)
Reaper (God of Death)
Zera (Goddess of Anguish)
Mirya (Goddess of Sorrow)

Nuetral wise one:

Sabrina (Goddess of Happiness/Neutrality/Sorrow)

Things I need to describe:

Crystalite, the crystal surfaced planet
Kithlar Chrome Weaponry
Saiden version's history
Tharian/Hyakth Weaponry
The Dark Assassin faction
The light and darkshards
The Russian Vanguard of Volkov

Aaaand that just about does it... I think.

Also edit: I reorganized this so it would look neater, helps me see what I have done exactly instead of rummaging through my gallery and looking one by one.

Journal History

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