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My new stoof, from the art to the stories and whatnot.




Skyrim: Nylesia donning the Shadow Assassin armor by DeathianDragonFear
Skyrim: Nylesia donning the Shadow Assassin armor
What the title says, my current Skyrim character, wood elf in case you couldn't tell, donning the rather... shall I say, curvy hugging Shadow Assassin armor.
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Name: Idana Kasiva Novaheim (Idana is prounced, Eidahna)

Other Names/Titles: Captain Novaheim, The Paragon, Ida, Anna, Kassie

Age: 182 years old, born in 2878, August 2nd

Gender: Female

Race: Vatorian

Class: Kogahn Spectre

Occupation: Kogahn Capitain of the Viktavious Squad/Reasearch Squad Contact

Origin: Xerada, Grasov City

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: None to speak of

Personality: Idana is a strong willed and calm collected grown woman of her people, she doesn't mind a good conversation so long as it does not drab on for too long or is of no importance to whatever topic it may be based on, she is quite picky with her food, always favouring seasoned and medium rare meats over plain and dry ones. She is a talented marksman and is quite the action speak louder than words kind of woman, she does however tend to be quite strict militaristically speaking, she does not approve of foolishness nor insubordination, she will teach her fellow marines a lesson, whether they like it or not.

Physical Appearance: Idana stands at the average height of 6 foot; her head is lightly pulled back, long white tinted tentacle-like fibre 'hairs' adorn the rear of her head, the tips are tinted black and reach to near her mid-back. Upon her face rests her reptilian styled muzzle, however instead of two simple nostrils Vatorian's have a more four lined lightly hidden under a line of scales for a nose to breath from. Her eyes are tilted and could be seen as almond shape that the asian humans would have, they are a bright icey blue colour with a black thin reptillian slit and can be quite intimidating to look at to non-Vatorian's. Along her cheeks, two adjustable and shifting glottal plates along them that have the amazing effect to change the dialect of the Vatorian at will so long as they understand and know the language. Her jawline is thin and feminine, her face overall is given a almost triangular shape if it was not for the circular area upon the top of her head, within her mouth she has a soft yet thin tongue that is long enough to reach her own muzzle, her innards are coloured a soft sky blue and teeth are sharp and run across her upper and lower jaw in a neat line, made for eating meat of most kinds. She has a blue triangle with a three point cross marking painted over her left eye and a blue stripe going down from her right brow to her cheek. Her shoulders are wide and strong to hold her long muscled arms, her hands contain three fingers and a thumb, each with talon like claws at the end. Her chest bares two D-cup breasts, they are however not protected by the plating that surrounds most of the rear of her body excluding her tush, inner knees, neck and inner legs. Her body is covered with snow white plates and soft scales where the 'skin' would be, her abdomen is longer than a humans and her stomach area is larger as well, however her waist is rather narrow above her amazingly voluptuous hips, they would make even the proudest mother jealous. Her legs are digitigrade and can bend in two ways instead of just back, showing they have odd flexibility, her feet end with four talon tipped toes and a fifth larger toe at the rear of her ankle.

Clothing/Armor: Outside of combat, Idana is dressed in a rather alluring sleeveless blue silk dress falling to her ankles, adorned with elegant designs despite her not-so-feminine first impression, she has matching boots and a belt to hold a satchel bag and the holster for her first issue heavy handcannon.

On duty, she wears her deep midnight blue Kogahn's armor, thickly plated to protect body from ballistic and explosive damage, not to mention other wordly hazards. It has white triple lined trims along the arms, the helmet has a mirrored black visor, she can see fine on the inside, however no one can see inside. She has a long retractable blade on the right arm for self-defense purposes and in case she ever runs out of ammo, the plating about the arms and legs are protective yet light to allow her easier movement.

Carried Items and Weapons: She carries her holo-tool almost everywhere she goes, she has a old photo within a specially made locket from her early years in the military and she carries a ceremonial dagger that is forbidden to be used in public or self defense unless the situation is dire and they pray for their sin of use. As for weapons, she holds a rail-projected Sniper rifle specially made for her by the best weaponsmith's the Vatorian's have at the present age, she also has a heavy handcannon that holds 12mm bullets that have astounding armor piercing.

Biography: Idana was born upon the homeworld of her specie, Xerada, among the large and prosperous city of Grasov city, her family had been largely from this grand city, most were military legends and proud protectors of many. Idana first enrolled into the military at the age of 18 after she successfully graduated top of the class from her academy classes, she easily picked up on sniper and stealth training, not to mention martial arts and submission takedowns. She had quite the challenging youth, she faced many dangers and was even apart of a skirmish between her kind and the Dark Elves, who at the time were still enemies and were barely letting either side pass through each other's border territory without some harassment.

Idana rose rather quickly through the ranks of the military class, she learned many things, from different warship classes to rankings of other militaries of the many species that litter the galaxy all over, she was most eager to see what was beyond their worlds, to meet other races and other people. As she got older her training became more strict, over the years she wondered why, until she was told by Sarus himself, telling her personally she was to be enrolled into the Kogahn special forces, she was quite eager to be trained under the best commanders and generals that the Kogahn had numbers of.

She however became more cold, strict and collected in mind while undergoing her strict and sometimes, physically draining exercises and training. She was turned into a military soldier not to be trifled with, she earned medals and gained great promise from her superior's, they eventually gave her the chance to form her own squad and be free to move about in the militaristic compounds they had made over the decades around their worlds and outposts. She gained access to her own ship not long after, she named it, the Nova after her own family name, and with good reason. She was eventually called to act as a contact and leader for another team when the Vatorian's were assisting in the creation of the AMF (Alliance of Military Forces).

She has so far spent almost 30 years as the current Captain of the Research squad, she has made her mark across the faction and will not have troublemakers in her team, she has set strict rules and even times for they will follow whether they like it or not, she may be cold on the outside, but her friends know her for the rather kind hearted yet protective Idana they always knew her for.

Extra: N/A
Idana Kasiva Novaheim's Profile
Idana is the first Kogahn female Captain to reach her rank before she was even 100 years old, she rose to her place through determination to make her mark among her people and to make her parents proud of her, wherever they may be.
Name: Timerius Kalveyan

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 940 years

Gender: Male

Race: High Elf

Occupation: Emperor of the High Elven specie

Origin: Haytaria, Savaat

Family: Enilya, eldest daughter, Kailyn, youngest daughter, Saros, son

Appearance: Timerius stands at 2.03 meters (6 foot 8 inches), his skin lightly tinted at a golden hue, and his eyes are soft forest green despite his age. He has a sturdy and muscled figure from many years of training for Sovereignty and has much experience in combat from his many fights in his long life. His hair is short to just the nape of his neck at length and dark brown in colour, his beard is well cut and ends as a pointed low goatee with a mustache crossing above his upper lips. His face is strong and manly, his jaw wide yet still maintaining that Elven handsome appearance despite his wise age and amazingly no rinkles upon his facial features. His arms have rune markings he had written during his very first Sovereign mission around 500 years ago, they mean something to him even if no one knows what they are or what the do. His body is masculine and the outlining of his muscles show even as slender as his Elven figure is, he maintains his strength and is a formidable spellcaster of a lost age.

Clothing/Armor: Timerius usually wears his thick rich cotton robes of which are coloured soft white with golden trims along the ends of his robe and arm ends.

Timerius' armor consists of a lightly plated robe with a chainmail undershirt and leggings, his spaulders are smooth and scratched from numerous battles he has endured, his cloak tattered and damaged from being worn over many years but is a clear sign of this veteran soldier of a man.

Abilities: Timerius is a talented mage of the frost element and illusion aurum, he is also a master of plasmatics, a powerful adaption to use electricity and gravity manipulation fields under their control.

Skills: Timerius has indeed learned plenty over his lengthy lifespan, from arcane deciphering to an ancient art of shaping with solidified elements, he is also quite the teacher of different dialects and he was once a teacher at the tower of mages for over 200 years in his lifetime.

Items: Timerius wears a gemmed amulet given to him by his late wife's mother, his old maritial ring and his holo-tool upon his left wrist.

Weapons: He carries his well crafted silvian wood staff with arcane enchantment, a semi-auto rifle of High Elven make and a crystal edged shortsword.

Personality: Timerius is a rather stubborn aging father of three, he has had many trials in his life, his most recent, being the passing of his dear beloved wife, was the most hurtful to ever witness. He is wise and knows more than he lets on, he can be kind hearted to young children, teaching them never to give up on their goals for they may become reality if they try hard enough. He is currently apart of the High Sovereign Council, lead by Sapphirya the First of the High Sovereign's. Because of past events, he has become untrusting of his fellow Sovereign's, he is somewhat paranoid and may think there is conspiracy against him.

Bio: Timerius was born amongst a family of five amongst the great city of Savaat, the capital of the High Elven homeworld Haytaria. He was also born during the conflict of Salgerus, a rather demented and paranoid cultist of the Black Sun cult following. He was raised amongst his family and lived quite the childhood, he was a talented mage starting from his ripe years of learning and beyond. Around the time of his early 20's, he trained mostly in the arcane school of aurum as it seemed to be his easiest to learn despite the fact that it required him to learn a new language, at least back then in his time as a youngling.

At the age of 68, along with all his training and teachings he had learned during his time within the academy, he managed to find his way within the university of aurum, where all the brightest and most eager to learn students of any allowed school of aurum would go to learn far more than they would ever learn at an academy. After years further of training studying other schools, he became a Sovereign for the guard of his own father, Ramios III. Timerius at this point was happy where he was at, he learned much and he was always learning more, his family was proud of his growth.

Years later, around the age of 280, he met his beloved future-wife, Fiona. She was a beautiful silver-haired fair lady who was also in the same aurum school class as he was, they had been friends for decades before but they had a short parting of ways until they reached the university. Many years later after they graduated and even decided to settle down, Timerius' father announced to the people that his eldest son would take over as Emperor. From this point onward, he has been the leader and representive of his people for almost 400 years. The couple eventually had three children, two beautiful girls and a proud son.

However, years later his life began to take a turn for the worst, ever since a plague had taken his beloved from him, he became increasingly paranoid over the years, always cautious and thinking there was a conspiracy against him, planning to overthrow him at any time. This rather troubled the relationship between his fellow Sovereign's, the council and his own children, they all kept their distance to prevent accusations towards them. He swears revenge against whomever caused this painful moment that he now has to remember for the rest of his life, this proved he had a kind and sensitive heart, it changed him for the worst and no one can predict what he may do in the near future.

Extra: N/A
Timerius Kalveyan's Profile
Timerius is the current Emperor of the High Elven race, their homeworld being Haytaria and the capital being Savaat, the grandest city ever built, it has the very river of aurum flowing through and under it through a cave system. He sadly sank to paranoia over the years after his wife's passing, it is unfortunate to think he may never recover from such an ordeal.
Name: Zan Yaris

Sexuality: Has no time for trivialities

Age: Unknown, he has lived for many centuries however

Gender: Male

Race: Dark Irathyte/Irathyte (After purification)

Occupation: Wise one of war, Soul Eater/Soul Carrier (After purification)

Clan/Origin: Unknown/Salvae, Mythzarah (After purification)

Family: Zan only has one living relative remaining, his own mother, Talya, Matron of Hope as she is known to many of the Irathyte’s of old.

Appearance: Zan stands a mighty 2.2 meters tall (7 foot 3 inches), his fur is charcoal black, his hair is shoulder length, held up in a low ponytail and is as black as his fur in colour. He has six black feathered wings, however they were once horrifically burned and only the bones showed once, he is able to reform his body thanks to his unholy power of soul eating, he uses the energy from the souls to act as resource to self heal and repair his body. His nose is flat, making it a muzzle, meaning he has improved smelling enhancement, his facial structure is heavily masculine, a rather wide jaw, oddly needing to be able to ‘stretch’ to be able to eat the souls of his enemies. His eyes are the demonic yet intimidating glowing red and his claws are slightly longer than average, simply all this caused by his corruption or taste for evil acts. His face has several scars due to his taste battles and loves a challenge. His body is well muscled, though riddled with battle scars under his fur it is strong and sturdy due to his training oh so many centuries ago, his stature is truly intimidating and he is very strong in terms of physical strength and endurance, he can withstand quite a lot of damage. His twin tails are long, thick at the base and thinning at the tips, they are strong enough to grab weak enemies and pull then closer. His forearms have the usual strange soul magic imbued runes, not only allowing use of his personal twin soul blades, but also devastating soul siphoning spells and crushing grips upon his enemies lives.

When purified, his fur turns to the original snow white it once was many centuries ago before his change of ‘mind’ towards his superior’s, his eyes would return to their gold colour and he would have all of his corrupted signs removed, the markings would glow cyan blue instead of their wicked blood red.

Clothing/Armor: He usually donning his paladin like dark coloured armor, whether he is in combat or not. The plating is of a sturdy and well crafted metal covering his chest in well placed plates in a pattern heading down to his belly, which is covered by three layers of chainmail, as well as his arms and legs, plated gauntlets, boots, leggings and armlets as well as shoulder pads are also placed for extra protection considering his size and strength, however they are shaped similar to the samurai of old, of which much of the Irathyte culture are derived from the Japanese of the Humans.

Abilities: Zan himself has access to soul siphoning abilities due to his previous status amazingly intact, he is also able to ‘eat’ souls and use them as a source of power if corrupt or otherwise, he can also use dark aurum as well, whilst corrupt at least, otherwise he would use light aurum, having the ability to heal and revive others shortly after their deaths.

Skills: Zan is surprisingly mobile and quick footed for such a tall standing and weighty figure, he is also rather talented with crafting the most bizarre soul churning salves one can think of, he has had many centuries of practice to put it lightly.

Items: Zan only carries his old amulet he was given when he was within the Irathyte army as a Soul Guardian he once was before he defected due to conflicts of opinion and a certain event that had occurred that created a rather twisted splinter cell of more, shall we say more free minded and less restricted by their laws and religion.

Weapons: Zan owns twin soul blades, they appear like traditional katana human made blades however the Irathyte weapons are created using a special soul bonding crystal only they know how to control and combine their own powers without much effort, he also has a huge scythe of which he somehow managed to get from a death oriented creature, no one knows how he claimed this but he grins simply as he knows it was quite the battle.

Personality: Before he was as corrupted by the twisted mind of the ‘Martyr’ of the Dark Irathyte’s, he was quite the helpful and thrill seeking Zan many once knew, after the corruption he became quite vicious and thirst for conflict, of which he would bring and enjoyed watching, whether he caused it or not. After his purification, he was simply returned to his old self, but much wiser, stronger in mind and heart, not to mention guilt ridden from all the things he had done in his centuries of chaotic ruling over his minions.

Bio: Zan Yaris was born amongst Mythzarah an unknown amount of centuries ago, it is known however it was way before the arrival of the demon that near destroyed their specie and but sometime after the divine wars. Not much is surprisingly known about Zan himself; he has kept many of his records about him and his past to himself, not much one for dwelling on the past, considering it has no real purpose on their actual daily current life. He had spent his youth learning the ways of the Soul Watcher path before becoming a Guardian at a later age.

He mostly focused on melee combat, he hit hard and was surprisingly fast for his height and bulk, he was one of the best of his class and rather surpassed his peers with a gleeful smile, though he was never into exaggeration nor gloating, he simply let his actions speak for him, as Irathyte’s of youth can be a little gutsy indeed. His mother was the sole reason he joined the main forces of the Irathyte Empire, simply to show her he can be the best son she could want, she was proud of him all along, he had nothing to prove.

But many years later, something unthinkable happened to the people of Mythzarah, the Martyr of the Insidious Mind ‘faction’ convinced a strong portion of several academy’s to join him and his ‘family’ to make a clean slate among the lesser species as he referred to them as. Zan became a general not long after, creating chaos among lands of many, he even managed to reach the role of a Divine, he ascended where many had their chance and refused to stay with their family, he wanted power and he got it.

He had many a exploit and much fun in war times, his grin was his most vicious expression, but this time came to pass when he was purified by a old dear friend he was made to forget, from that point onwards, he has been true to his task to help others instead of causing suffering, he has many a guilt to pay for but he does so with deeds of the light and in honour of many fallen.

Extra: N/A
Zan Yaris' Profile
Zan Yaris, the ex-dark one of war, he once held the mantle of being empowered by strife and conflict, now he resides peacefully among his homeworld simply wishing nothing more than to aid those who are suffering.
Name: Solvig Lydia Wikström

Gender: Female

Age: 24 years, Febuary 6th, 1858

Race: Human

Origin/P.O.B: Scandinavia, unknown exact location

Physical Appearance: Solvig stands at the decent height of 5 foot 8 inches; her skin is a fair soft yet pale tone from mostly spending her life in the winterlands of her birthplace and delicate to the touch despite her training of the swordswoman art. Her hair is brunette in coulour and flows longly reaching past the middle of her back, she has bangs swept across away from her forehead and ending at her lower cheeks, her fringe is small strands of loose hair above her eyebrows, she has two ponytails to divide her hair neatly so it would not be so easy to knot. Her face has all the soft features of a woman her age, her cheeks are softly rounded and just ever so slightly lift to give her jawline a beautiful chistled outline, her eyebrows however are slightly lower, to show a stern look, her eyes are rotated and lightly wider than normal, showing a almost asian appearance. They are a soft near golden bronze in colour and her eyebrows match the colour of her hair. Her lips are soft rose red, rarely have lipstick upon them unless she attends a party of some sort. Her ears are average yet more inward than others would be, easier to hide behind her hair or the other way around. Below her naturally thin neck rests her feminine shoulders, though her arms show a fair bit of muscle to point out she is no slouch physically. Upon her chest rest a fair set of C-cup breasts, both soft and firm, a just combination. Her belly is lightly toned to show her physical skill is more than above average, her hips are strong and wide to accompany her feminine yet strong thighs and quick steady feet.

Clothing/Armor: She is usually dressed in a below knee length corsetted black and white cotton dress with frills at the hem of the skirt and her upper arm length sleeves, she wears a soft white cotton bra and a matching pair of panties, as well as black pantyhose tights for winter weather as well as black heels for her daily strolls.

As for armor, she usually dresses in a leather jacket with a short sleeved white shirt, a matching pair of black leather trousers reaching above her calf and black leather boots with a self-constructed hidden tiny blade within due to her athletism.

Weapon(s): She would usually carry two daggers, one curved and one straight bladed as well as a 6-round revolver for ranged combat.

Item(s): She usually carries a locket with a black and white photo of her dearest mother and a pouch with various tools for lockpicking and even trap making when she has the materials to use.

Skills: She is highly athletic and dexterous, not to mention she is capable of holding her own against at most three opponents, she has decent level of intelligence and her young beauty seems to attract most unwanted attention at times, she is quite the swordswoman and is handy with a lockpick and tools alike for those that take what they want without asking.

Personality: Solvig is oddly a selective mute, she will only speak when she feels like she has to, expressing her opinion when it matters, she is however good to people of the poor, she despises the rich and powerful due to much corruption she has witnessed back home. She is all the more happy to punish the wicked and take what she can from those that have more than enough, even if trouble is right ahead.

Biography: Solvig was born within the soft winterlands of Scandinavia, however the exact whereabouts is unknown and her mother prefers to keep that as it is. She spent her childhood learning basic hunting and survival skills that would follow exploring the woodlands around her homeland. She had a nack for knowing where to find the nearest lake, she could track her way back home with ease. She had very few friends and more enemies than one would like, simply because of her quietness, people in the place she lived were not appreciative of quiet people, too cautious for their own good.

Her mother raised her alone, she was happy where she was until she was forced to watch her mother be captured and even beheaded before her eyes at age 16, she vowed to gain revenge for the nobles that think they could stomp on those less fortunate, she was going to make sure of it in time, those that were involved will pay, even with their lives if not their precious money.

Misc: N/A
Solvig Lydia Wikstrom's Profile
Solvig Wikström is a young thief in the works of old London, she is based in an idea of a friend :iconsiegt-san: as a test to see how a particularly interesting rp rule set goes along. She rather dispises nobles and rich people who step on the poor of the streets, she is now alone without her mother thanks to such people, she had to escape her homeland and travel to London, what awaits her is unknown.


DeathianDragonFear's Profile Picture
Kaden Howland
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I am Dragon or Zeraht as I prefer, aka Kaden, half Irish (my father's side), half polish (my mother's side) and a bit of british as well.

I love to read and write, I do both when I have time, art I love, no matter the form, also I think I like furry art more than any other, I just like how cute fluffy things can be.

Current Residence: Mythzarah, Plane of Souls

Favourite genre(s) of music: Industrial, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, anything that makes a *THUMP*

Favourite style of art: Anime/Anthro

Operating System: Windows Vista, Home Edition

MP3 player of choice: My PSP... I think.

Personal Quote: By the Blades of Arzu

Favourite game quote: Excuse me, have you got the time, to get stuffed? Fable 3, annoying Gnome's

My Skype name: Dragonoffear/Silver Trigger

My steam user -> Solvig Wikström
I do change my steam name now and then just to let others know ahead of time ^^;…
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My list of profiles and things for a game project with a friend and some of my preferred stoof to share and have quick access to, the ones I've done (yay) and the ones I need to do (grr):



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Viktor Alexandrov -> Viktor Alexandrov's profile
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A.M.F Allies:

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Information, factions and info of importance:

A.M.F (Alliance of Military Forces) -> Alliance of Military Forces
Silent Sisters Info -> Silent Sisters
Silra Watchers Info -> Silra Watchers Information
The Catalyst Prison -> The Catalyst Prison History


Aposocrytes (description inside Thane's profile)
Dark Irathyte Race (description inside Arzu's profile)
Draken (description inside Thena Sulios' profile)
Hykath Rankings and Race description -> Hykath Ranking Descriptions
Irathyte Race (description inside Rasmus' profile)
Kithlar Race (description inside Kara's profile)
Vatorian Race (description inside Sarus Vaterius's profile)
Xernoxvi Race -> Rise and fall of the Xernoxvi

The Light wise ones:

Kaida -> Kaida, Queen of the light wise one's Profile
Rahnia -> Rahnia, Light one of Wind and Lightning

The Dark wise ones:

Kain -> Kain, King of the Dark Wise ones Profile
Zan -> Zan Yaris' Profile

Things I've described:

Ukadian and it's creation -> The Ukadian and it's creation
The Dark Abyss -> The Dark Abyss

Royal Trouble: Chapter 1 -> Royal Trouble: Chapter One


Archangel Station -> Archangel Station

Need to bloody finish/work on:

Craig Arun'Shallok (Previous Emperor of the Dark Elves)
Gavern Silverstone (Dark Assassin guild master)
Kashyra Erith'cheyra (Queen of the Wood Elves and second A.M.F Ambassador of the A.M.F)
Saria (Daughter of Sariphya and Seth)
Sara (Tharen's wife)
Vorn Kir-Sul (Father of Kiras)

Other A.M.F Admirals (in order of squad not name):

Codis Stevens (Male Human/Keeper Squad contact)
Idana Novaheim (Female Vatorian/Research Squad contact)
Xiran Okavius (Male High Elf/Tech Squad contact)
Jindra Zur'Kolesk (Female Lorkaine Elf/Assault Squad contact)
Sylvera Surahn (Female Wood Elf/Stealth Squad contact)
Ryzer Paryzith (Male Dark Elf/Sniper Squad contact)
Zuo Kai-Ryu (Male Kithlar/Recon Squad contact)
Kyjahna Di'Lius (Female High Elf/Demlotions Squad contact)
Yvena Gardreg (Female Draken/Zodiac Squad contact)

The Light wise ones:

Selveda (Goddess of Nature)
Kronos (God of Fate)
Khalyn (Godess of Knowledge)
Inferno (God of Earth and fire)
Katera (Godess of Time)
Blizzard (God of Water and Ice)

The Dark wise ones:

Raven (Goddess of Curses)
Chaos (God of Fear)
Pestilence (Goddess of Diseases)
Reaper (God of Death)
Zera (Goddess of Anguish)
Mirya (Goddess of Sorrow)

Nuetral wise one:

Sabrina (Goddess of Happiness/Neutrality/Sorrow)

Things I need to describe:

Crystalite, the crystal surfaced planet
Kithlar Chrome Weaponry
Saiden version's history
Tharian/Hyakth Weaponry
The Dark Assassin faction
The light and darkshards
The Russian Vanguard of Volkov

Aaaand that just about does it... I think.

Also edit: I reorganized this so it would look neater, helps me see what I have done exactly instead of rummaging through my gallery and looking one by one.

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:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

It's April 19th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

Birthdays Team
This birthday greeting was brought to you by: KoudelkaW
Jasperinity Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Happy birthday! :D
Olaf-The-Snowman Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
     :iconfuncakeplz:    :iconhappyblueplz:  :iconblue-hplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-pplz: :iconblue-pplz: :iconblue-yplz:  :iconhappyblueplz:   :iconfuncakeplz:
     :party: :iconblue-bplz: :iconblue-iplz: :iconblue-rplz: :iconblue-tplz: :iconblue-hplz: :iconblue-dplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-yplz: :party:
:iconhappybirthdaysignplz: :iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummy1: :iconhappybirthday2plz:
daniellandrom Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
half polish half irish...

just like me! how have i not noticed?!?!
DeathianDragonFear Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Something in common I see, grand.
daniellandrom Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Student General Artist
thanks for the watch! have one back!
DeathianDragonFear Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh thank you muchly :3 And you're welcome.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Student General Artist
no problem i like your stuff!
DeathianDragonFear Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I shall be taking a thorough look into your gallery in return.
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