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My new stoof, from the art to the stories and whatnot.




Name: Sean Kjar

Other Names/Titles: Killhammer, The Chrome Knight

Age: 46 years old, born November 17th 2008

Gender: Male

Race: Human, Cybernetically modified

Class: Street Samurai

Occupation: Shadowrunner, Street Samurai for hire

Origin: Sweden, Stockholm

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Phiona, younger sister

Personality: Sean is a rather serious street samurai, he cares not for those that practice arts of any crime related tasks and other things, he personally hunts down those kind of people with extreme prejudice, he has a cold near emotionless gaze considering what he has become over the years of his cybernetic adjustments due to injuries and even personal preferences for the necessary changes, he does however respect those that can hold their own against him in a fight or arguement, leaving him with a satisfied grin and a shake of his chrome covered hands, he also loves to make sure pain comes to his enemies, whether its bloody or simply very painful.

Appearance: Sean stands at a tall height of 6 foot 9 inches; he has short but slightly messy black hair which ends just above the nape of his neck. His skin colour is a pale white possibly due to his cybernetics. His facial structure is rugged and somewhat scarred, his right eye is a greyish blue colour while his left is a synthetic eye which has a red iris and is used for thermal vision, his cheeks are rounded and wide, standing out along with his rather smoothly cut yet short goatee and stubble well kept, matching his black hair in colour. His body figure overall is strong and masculine, however his right arm is fully cybernetic with smooth plating covering the internal workings, the fingers are shaped to match human fingers as much as physcially possibe, he also has hidden shifting tools within his right arm, allowing him to reconfigure the strength of his hits with his right arm and the stability using weapons and his left arm is cybernectic and plated as well but the hand is used for melee combat use, having the tips of the fingers clawed instead. The colour of his cybernetic limbs are silver lined steel with carbon fibre muscles to allow flexing and ease of use. His arms were damaged severly during a heavy firefight back when he was a police officer in his younger years, his body also has dermal plating under his flesh but no other part of his body is modified, his back has dermal plating covering his shoulderblades, his ribcage and spine to protect him against severe damage to his body, he also has a few claw marks down the right side of his upper back. His left leg is amazingly still fully organic with no alterations unlike his left, overall his body shows signs of many a day of staying in control of his health physically, he is lucky to be whole at this point in his long running career.

Clothing/Armor: Sean is rarely seen without his full body armor, concealing his modified torso and legs as the plated coat just gives him a more intimidating appearance. He also wears black mirrored shades to hide his left eye or just because he can, black leather steeltoe boots match this armoured outfit graciously.

Carried Items and Weapons: Sean carries a large two handed katana which he wields with one hand thanks to his cybernetics, and his sheer size, he also has a set of magnum revolvers and a shotgun to boot, always coming prepared to a gunfight. He also carries a set of dogtags from his past of military life and a picture of someone he seemed to have had a relationship with.

Biography: Not much is honestly known about Sean himself, or Kjillhammer as his enemies know him has, for crushing their friends skulls with relentless aggression. He has been all over the world working from being a military officer, he even worked with STAR corp one time, clearly no one follows on his past and he prefers to keep it well hidden, so far he has successfully done so. He offers his personal dosier several other clients have gathered on him, tells of all his successful trails, especially how he got his chrome pieces, a hero to most, a chaotic disaster waiting to happen for some.
Sean Kjar
Sean Kjar is the second of my Shadowrun Dragonfall characters, though he has yet to be made I plan to do so in the near future.
Name: HayLin Shào

Other Names/Titles: Shadow Lotus (Decker name)

Age: 27 years old, born in August 26th 2027

Gender: Female

Race: Elf, slightly Cybernetically modified

Class: Decker/Hacker

Occupation: Shadowrunner, Decker for hire

Origin: China, Shaanxi

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: Keeps her life very private

Personality: HayLin is a quiet yet open minded young intelligent elf, her current line of work keeps her occupied for the most part, she doesn't mind talking to others but prefers to keep things professional or business like, casual chatter isn't common unless she is in the mood for it. She mostly keeps to herself, her past is mostly kept a secret and will only open her inner shell to those that earn her trust and respect, she is also a good climber and is quite the genius with computers, she respects those with a strong mind and those that do what is necessary without risking too much in the process, intelligence is power but used responsibly gets a few points from her, maybe even a smile.

Appearance: HayLin stands at the average height of 5 foot 10 inches, her skin is a soft yet pale golden tone; atop of her head flows her long black with dark purple and crimson highlighted hair, hiding her right cheek and her lower jaw with a long straight shaped bang, along her left side is a shorter bang only lowering to her cheek, she has one long lifted ponytail whenever she is on duty, letting it loosely fall when she is not. Her datajack is hidden behind the right side of her head under her hair, on the side of her head she has long pointy ears. Her facial structure is strongly feminine, asian almond shaped eyes, of which are coloured a bright golden yellow with odd slitted pupils, though her right is seemingly cybernetic to allow her to snipe and see easier, lifted cheeks and a thin jawline, her lips are soft, slightly curved and match her skin pigment, upon her right cheek and above her eyebrow she has a scar ending at her lower cheek, it caused extensive damage to her right eye which had her reluctantly forced to replace her right eye, as much as she hated having a second cybernetic addition. Her body figure is a curvier form over the usual slender figure her race would have, her arms are muscled somewhat, enough to show she has had some physical training at some point in her life, her left arm is covered with a rather artistic dragon shaped tattoo. Her body is of a curved figure, her bust is at least a C-cup from first glance, her waist line is narrow and her hips are wider than average, leaving her rear to have quite a pronounced depth to it. Her thighs are strong and thick to allow her long sprints for running and even climbing.

Clothing/Armor: On missions, she wears a leather assorted outfit, consisting of loose denium jeans, a black leather trenchcoat with a hood, a white short sleeved shirt with no decals and black steel-toe cap boots.

Off duty and for casual wear, she wears a black sleeveless tank top with a black knee-length pencil skirt and matching short heeled boots with black opaque tights.

As for underwear, she simply wears a white lace pair of panties and a short sleeved top that leaves her belly exposed.

Carried Items and Weapons: She carries a personally acquired Ruger Thunderbolt pistol of which is smartlinked thanks to her datajack and a modified Walther WA 2100 with a smartlink attachment to use her datajack with. She also carries a trauma kit and two medikits, as well as several programs and ESP's for her cyberdeck within the virtual world of the matrix whenever she would infiltrate for a mission.

Biography: HayLin was born within China with her family, however she was soon adopted within a smaller, childless family after a rather cataclysmic event involving a large number of corrupted machines an whatnot. HayLin around age 14 ended up in a military school under her foster father's request, she enjoyed her time within the school but this soon became a tedius effort after only four years spent within. Not much else is known about HayLin after she became 20 years of age, she had become enthralled with computers and had a well known decker teach her everything in private, within a few years she acquired her datajack and became quite the hacker herself, becoming quite the rival even for her own tutor in the line of work. She soon took up shadowrunning, costing her her right eye and a friend but even now she does not regret her life choices, she occasionally speaks with her foster parents, still proud of her even though she lives what would be called a double life as of now, HayLin to some of her old friends, Shadow Lotus to her decker friends and the shadowland matrix.
HayLin Shao's Profile
HayLin is a decker that I created in Shadowrun Dragonfall, just a more detailed OC so I can use her for possible RP's. This character however has an added cybernetic addition, namely the eye but that is all that differs from my real character in game.
Name: Alysia June Neraphalem

Age: 96 years old, born 12th April 2964

Gender: Female

Race: Tharian Elf

Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor/Gym Teacher

Origin: Born somewhere on the planet Soraelis (Pronounced, Sor-aee-liss)

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Calisa, Mother, Mirian, 'Father', Shoros, Elder Brother, Zoya, Younger Sister

Personality: Alysia is an intelligent minded and good hearted woman of her age, she has had a good education and very well mannered in etiquitte and socialism. She has a motherly nature in her behavior and is very selfless, however she is quite capable of taking care of herself, having special training in a secretive hand to hand art used only by her fellow species, she is none the less a good person to befriend and she is happy to aid those that need it.

Appearance: Alysia stands at the average height for her specie of 1.8 meters (5 foot 11 inches); her skin is a soft and smooth cobalt blue as is all of the Tharian specie is. Her hair is usually long to her mid-back, a long bang drifting past her right cheek to her outer jawline and a smaller bang on her left just reaching her lower cheek, she usually lifts it into a delicately tied knot when she is teaching so it does not get in her way. Her muzzle is only outward by a few inches, can be seen from either of her sides but almost unoticable from the front; her ears are long, pointed as all her specie and can physically show emotion along with her soft crimson eyes with their jagged slitted pupils within, depending on the mood. Her facial structure is heavily feminine, although, her eyebrows are downwards slightly and is thin, especially her jawline, showing some signs of a most relaxed expression, she usually has a soft welcoming smile to others, being generally happy thanks to very little troubles happening to her in life. Her arms reach down to her mid thigh and her fingers end with claw-like finger nails matching the Tharian's animalistic side as much as their eye shape, muzzle and teeth show. Her body figure is rather curvy, having an hourglass shape of sorts, her hips are to a rather curved motherly width and her thighs are strongly built and can be held easily with a nice grip. Her muscles can show definition if looked upon up close and unclothed, especially upon her belly and arms, also her thighs but not as much, but still granting her kicks to be something never to be underestimated. Her tail is long and thick at the base and thins out until it gets to the tip, grown out into an arrow tip shape as are all Tharian's tails have. Her bust is of a larger D-cup, perky and firm but soft also thanks to her well kept to diet of selective healthy personal choices.

Clothing/Armor: Despite her training and for her public wear, she usually dresses in a comfortable dark blue silk tunic with a detachable skirt fall to her shins leaving her feet free, she has matching flats for shoes.

When she is instructing others however, she wears a neatly fitting sleeveless white cotton top that covers all of her chest and belly leaving her neck bare, bagging black trousers with bands around her waist and shins to comfortably keep them in place since she moves a lot.

Carried Items: She only carries the identification dagger Halcyon's use for residents and a holo-graphic locket with a loving memory she keeps dear to her, whatever the memory may be only she knows, she also has a holo-tool on her left arm for management use of her duty as well as a belted satchel with herbal medicine within, just in case.

Biography: Alysia was born among her home planet, Soraelis, a lush, resource filled planet with a large colony of her specie having the desire to expand with eagerness. She grew up during a rather quiet time for her people, having a well educated childhood and a rather decent follow up of further education and several changes between occupations, she was unsure of what she wanted to do so she did several things to boost her chances. At an early age she remembers her first dangerous encounter with wildlife, her mother had taught her how to defend herself against wild yet small creatures, but nothing as big as this. She survived of course, just long enough for her mother to take the creature out and scold her for being 'too curious'.

However when she reached past her childhood, that is when the news of the Hykath spread, she feared she may be claimed by them to be used as a soldier, they however did not come to their world, at least for a time after the war started. Their home was invaded eventually by a small platoon of Hykath, simply grunts led by surprisingly a rogue Zynrak, here is where Alysia was on her own for nearly four months, she had to survive in the wild, evade from the animals and Hykath looking for recruits, she was split up from her family who somehow, someway managed to evade the worst. It took her several more months to find her family and with that they were forced to leave their homeworld altogether, they found a small ship enough for all five and took off to the nearest AMF outpost.

Alysia, at age 25 decided to undergo lessons under martial arts and gym training, she grew fond of being healthier and wanted to share her knowledge to others, over the next twenty years she eventually gained the right to open her own school for those that wish to be taught what she knew, her original instructors approved and would gladly offer their help. Years have passed since this time, she instructs wherever she goes but has settled within a peaceful community to focus on her martial arts instructing, mainly focusing with Tai-Chi, this is where she would meet her potential partner no doubt, looking forward to the memories ahead, no doubt.

Extra: Alysia has two small hooped piercings on her ears, they rest close to the peak of her pointed ears and glitter under moonlight, they are colored a silvery grey with tiny sapphires at their ends.
Alysia June Neraphalem's Profile
Alysia is an instructor for a martial arts school upon a colony, she lives among the populace and will show those that are willing how to be one with the inner harmony that would dwell within.
Skyrim: Nylesia donning the Shadow Assassin armor by DeathianDragonFear
Skyrim: Nylesia donning the Shadow Assassin armor
What the title says, my current Skyrim character, wood elf in case you couldn't tell, donning the rather... shall I say, curvy hugging Shadow Assassin armor.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Name: Idana Kasiva Novaheim (Idana is prounced, Eidahna)

Other Names/Titles: Captain Novaheim, The Paragon, Ida, Anna, Kassie

Age: 182 years old, born in 2878, August 2nd

Gender: Female

Race: Vatorian

Class: Kogahn Spectre

Occupation: Kogahn Capitain of the Viktavious Squad/Reasearch Squad Contact

Origin: Xerada, Grasov City

Sexuality: Unknown

Family: None to speak of

Personality: Idana is a strong willed and calm collected grown woman of her people, she doesn't mind a good conversation so long as it does not drab on for too long or is of no importance to whatever topic it may be based on, she is quite picky with her food, always favouring seasoned and medium rare meats over plain and dry ones. She is a talented marksman and is quite the action speak louder than words kind of woman, she does however tend to be quite strict militaristically speaking, she does not approve of foolishness nor insubordination, she will teach her fellow marines a lesson, whether they like it or not.

Physical Appearance: Idana stands at the average height of 6 foot; her head is lightly pulled back, long white tinted tentacle-like fibre 'hairs' adorn the rear of her head, the tips are tinted black and reach to near her mid-back. Upon her face rests her reptilian styled muzzle, however instead of two simple nostrils Vatorian's have a more four lined lightly hidden under a line of scales for a nose to breath from. Her eyes are tilted and could be seen as almond shape that the asian humans would have, they are a bright icey blue colour with a black thin reptillian slit and can be quite intimidating to look at to non-Vatorian's. Along her cheeks, two adjustable and shifting glottal plates along them that have the amazing effect to change the dialect of the Vatorian at will so long as they understand and know the language. Her jawline is thin and feminine, her face overall is given a almost triangular shape if it was not for the circular area upon the top of her head, within her mouth she has a soft yet thin tongue that is long enough to reach her own muzzle, her innards are coloured a soft sky blue and teeth are sharp and run across her upper and lower jaw in a neat line, made for eating meat of most kinds. She has a blue triangle with a three point cross marking painted over her left eye and a blue stripe going down from her right brow to her cheek. Her shoulders are wide and strong to hold her long muscled arms, her hands contain three fingers and a thumb, each with talon like claws at the end. Her chest bares two D-cup breasts, they are however not protected by the plating that surrounds most of the rear of her body excluding her tush, inner knees, neck and inner legs. Her body is covered with snow white plates and soft scales where the 'skin' would be, her abdomen is longer than a humans and her stomach area is larger as well, however her waist is rather narrow above her amazingly voluptuous hips, they would make even the proudest mother jealous. Her legs are digitigrade and can bend in two ways instead of just back, showing they have odd flexibility, her feet end with four talon tipped toes and a fifth larger toe at the rear of her ankle.

Clothing/Armor: Outside of combat, Idana is dressed in a rather alluring sleeveless blue silk dress falling to her ankles, adorned with elegant designs despite her not-so-feminine first impression, she has matching boots and a belt to hold a satchel bag and the holster for her first issue heavy handcannon.

On duty, she wears her deep midnight blue Kogahn's armor, thickly plated to protect body from ballistic and explosive damage, not to mention other wordly hazards. It has white triple lined trims along the arms, the helmet has a mirrored black visor, she can see fine on the inside, however no one can see inside. She has a long retractable blade on the right arm for self-defense purposes and in case she ever runs out of ammo, the plating about the arms and legs are protective yet light to allow her easier movement.

Carried Items and Weapons: She carries her holo-tool almost everywhere she goes, she has a old photo within a specially made locket from her early years in the military and she carries a ceremonial dagger that is forbidden to be used in public or self defense unless the situation is dire and they pray for their sin of use. As for weapons, she holds a rail-projected Sniper rifle specially made for her by the best weaponsmith's the Vatorian's have at the present age, she also has a heavy handcannon that holds 12mm bullets that have astounding armor piercing.

Biography: Idana was born upon the homeworld of her specie, Xerada, among the large and prosperous city of Grasov city, her family had been largely from this grand city, most were military legends and proud protectors of many. Idana first enrolled into the military at the age of 18 after she successfully graduated top of the class from her academy classes, she easily picked up on sniper and stealth training, not to mention martial arts and submission takedowns. She had quite the challenging youth, she faced many dangers and was even apart of a skirmish between her kind and the Dark Elves, who at the time were still enemies and were barely letting either side pass through each other's border territory without some harassment.

Idana rose rather quickly through the ranks of the military class, she learned many things, from different warship classes to rankings of other militaries of the many species that litter the galaxy all over, she was most eager to see what was beyond their worlds, to meet other races and other people. As she got older her training became more strict, over the years she wondered why, until she was told by Sarus himself, telling her personally she was to be enrolled into the Kogahn special forces, she was quite eager to be trained under the best commanders and generals that the Kogahn had numbers of.

She however became more cold, strict and collected in mind while undergoing her strict and sometimes, physically draining exercises and training. She was turned into a military soldier not to be trifled with, she earned medals and gained great promise from her superior's, they eventually gave her the chance to form her own squad and be free to move about in the militaristic compounds they had made over the decades around their worlds and outposts. She gained access to her own ship not long after, she named it, the Nova after her own family name, and with good reason. She was eventually called to act as a contact and leader for another team when the Vatorian's were assisting in the creation of the AMF (Alliance of Military Forces).

She has so far spent almost 30 years as the current Captain of the Research squad, she has made her mark across the faction and will not have troublemakers in her team, she has set strict rules and even times for they will follow whether they like it or not, she may be cold on the outside, but her friends know her for the rather kind hearted yet protective Idana they always knew her for.

Extra: N/A
Idana Kasiva Novaheim's Profile
Idana is the first Kogahn female Captain to reach her rank before she was even 100 years old, she rose to her place through determination to make her mark among her people and to make her parents proud of her, wherever they may be.


DeathianDragonFear's Profile Picture
Kaden Howland
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I am Dragon or Zeraht as I prefer, aka Kaden, half Irish (my father's side), half polish (my mother's side) and a bit of british as well.

I love to read and write, I do both when I have time, art I love, no matter the form, also I think I like furry art more than any other, I just like how cute fluffy things can be.

Current Residence: Mythzarah, Plane of Souls

Favourite genre(s) of music: Industrial, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, anything that makes a *THUMP*

Favourite style of art: Anime/Anthro

Operating System: Windows Vista, Home Edition

MP3 player of choice: My PSP... I think.

Personal Quote: By the Blades of Arzu

Favourite game quote: Excuse me, have you got the time, to get stuffed? Fable 3, annoying Gnome's

My Skype name: Dragonoffear/Silver Trigger

My steam user -> Solvig Wikström
I do change my steam name now and then just to let others know ahead of time ^^;…
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My list of profiles and things for a game project with a friend and some of my preferred stoof to share and have quick access to, the ones I've done (yay) and the ones I need to do (grr):



Chained Lives -> Chained Lives
Heresy -> Heresy
Joyous Note -> A Joyous Note
My Sorrow -> My Sorrow
Reality Or Lies -> Reality or Lies
Siren of Voices -> Siren of Voices
Winter's Grasp -> Winters Grasp

People of importance or OC's:

Alexander John Thomas Voss -> Alexander John Thomas Voss
Aria Tymir -> Zeraht Aria's Profile
Anya Miranda Silverstone -> Anya Miranda Silverstone's Profile
Aranya -> Aranya, the Mother profile
Aries -> Ares' Profile
Arzu the Corrupted -> Arzu Rhaziatkah's Profile
Ilu Hi'Dru -> Ilu Hi'Dru's Profile
Hera -> Hera's Profile
Kade the Plasmatic convict -> Kade's Profile
Lasila -> Lasila's Profile
Natia -> Natia's Profile
Natalya Sofia Dragunov -> Natalya Dragunov's Profile
Nightsong Arun'Shallok -> Nightsong Arun'Shallok's Profile
Rahnia -> Rahnia, Light one of Wind and Lightning
Rasmus -> Rasmus' Profile
Raven -> Raven's Profile
Ryth -> Ryth's Profile
Sylvee Kahlan Ja-Stromzen -> Sylvee Kahlan Ja-Stromzen
Sorith/Sora -> Sorith/Sora's Profile
Thane the High Acranyte -> Thane's Profile
Viktor Alexandrov -> Viktor Alexandrov's profile
Willow Grith Varikine -> Willow Grith Varikine's Profile

A.M.F Allies:

Sapphirya the First -> Sapphriya the First's Profile
Sariphya -> Sariphya's Profile
Taliah Eluvarith -> Taliah Eluvarith's Profile

A.M.F Personel:

Brod Vorzen Kir-Sul -> Brod Vorzen Kir-Sul's Profile
Casey Voss -> Casey Voss' Profile
Catherine Voss -> Catherine Karla Natalya Voss' Profile
Idana Novaheim -> Idana Kasiva Novaheim's Profile
Ingrid Ross ->Ingrid Ross' Profile
Izres Keladius -> Izres Keladius' Profile
Jack 'Snipe' Voss -> Jack 'Snipe' Voss' Profile
Kaden 'Hunter' Voss (Human form) -> Kaden Voss' Profile 'Past'
Kaden 'Hunter Voss (Halcyon Paladin) -> Kaden Voss-Halcyon Paladin
Kara Nosa Vesu Ernasia -> Kara Nosa Vesu Ernasia's Profile
Kiras Vorzen Kir-Sul -> Kiras Vorzen Kir-Sul's Profile
Kroz Vol'Terrok -> Kroz Vol'Terrok's Profile
Liam 'Munky' Scott -> Liam 'Munky' Scott's Profile
Linya Winsulver -> Linya Winsulver's Profile
Riza Eren'thulia -> Riza Erin'thulia's Profile
Sarus Vaterius -> Sarus Vaterius' Profile
Syl Natalie Voss -> Syl Natalie Voss' Profile
Syra Moon Anarria -> Syra Moon Anarria's Profile
Talviah Ruarnis -> Talviah Ruarnis' Profile
Thena Sulios -> Thena Sulios' Profile
Zervia -> Zervia's Profile

Information, factions and info of importance:

A.M.F (Alliance of Military Forces) -> Alliance of Military Forces
Silent Sisters Info -> Silent Sisters
Silra Watchers Info -> Silra Watchers Information
The Catalyst Prison -> The Catalyst Prison History


Aposocrytes (description inside Thane's profile)
Dark Irathyte Race (description inside Arzu's profile)
Draken (description inside Thena Sulios' profile)
Hykath Rankings and Race description -> Hykath Ranking Descriptions
Irathyte Race (description inside Rasmus' profile)
Kithlar Race (description inside Kara's profile)
Vatorian Race (description inside Sarus Vaterius's profile)
Xernoxvi Race -> Rise and fall of the Xernoxvi

The Light wise ones:

Kaida -> Kaida, Queen of the light wise one's Profile
Rahnia -> Rahnia, Light one of Wind and Lightning

The Dark wise ones:

Kain -> Kain, King of the Dark Wise ones Profile
Zan -> Zan Yaris' Profile

Things I've described:

Ukadian and it's creation -> The Ukadian and it's creation
The Dark Abyss -> The Dark Abyss

Royal Trouble: Chapter 1 -> Royal Trouble: Chapter One


Archangel Station -> Archangel Station

Need to bloody finish/work on:

Craig Arun'Shallok (Previous Emperor of the Dark Elves)
Gavern Silverstone (Dark Assassin guild master)
Kashyra Erith'cheyra (Queen of the Wood Elves and second A.M.F Ambassador of the A.M.F)
Saria (Daughter of Sariphya and Seth)
Sara (Tharen's wife)
Vorn Kir-Sul (Father of Kiras)

Other A.M.F Admirals (in order of squad not name):

Codis Stevens (Male Human/Keeper Squad contact)
Idana Novaheim (Female Vatorian/Research Squad contact)
Xiran Okavius (Male High Elf/Tech Squad contact)
Jindra Zur'Kolesk (Female Lorkaine Elf/Assault Squad contact)
Sylvera Surahn (Female Wood Elf/Stealth Squad contact)
Ryzer Paryzith (Male Dark Elf/Sniper Squad contact)
Zuo Kai-Ryu (Male Kithlar/Recon Squad contact)
Kyjahna Di'Lius (Female High Elf/Demlotions Squad contact)
Yvena Gardreg (Female Draken/Zodiac Squad contact)

The Light wise ones:

Selveda (Goddess of Nature)
Kronos (God of Fate)
Khalyn (Godess of Knowledge)
Inferno (God of Earth and fire)
Katera (Godess of Time)
Blizzard (God of Water and Ice)

The Dark wise ones:

Raven (Goddess of Curses)
Chaos (God of Fear)
Pestilence (Goddess of Diseases)
Reaper (God of Death)
Zera (Goddess of Anguish)
Mirya (Goddess of Sorrow)

Nuetral wise one:

Sabrina (Goddess of Happiness/Neutrality/Sorrow)

Things I need to describe:

Crystalite, the crystal surfaced planet
Kithlar Chrome Weaponry
Saiden version's history
Tharian/Hyakth Weaponry
The Dark Assassin faction
The light and darkshards
The Russian Vanguard of Volkov

Aaaand that just about does it... I think.

Also edit: I reorganized this so it would look neater, helps me see what I have done exactly instead of rummaging through my gallery and looking one by one.

Journal History

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